1. TEA uniq-ID
    Before registering for the Reading Academies, you need to know your ten-digit TEA uniq-ID. Please use the following steps to locate your ten-digit TEA uniq-ID:
    Find your TEA uniq-ID on your TEAL account:
    1. Log in at with your TEAL username and password.
    2. Click Edit My Profile in the Self-Service menu on the left.
    3. Look for the Uniq-ID label under the section with your name information.  The ten-digit UID is next to it.
    4. If there is no Uniq-ID, click on the Click Here link and fill in the information required to match your profile to your Uniq-ID.
      If you do not yet have a TEAL profile, please click here and follow the directions to create a TEAL account and locate your ten-digit TEA uniq-ID.
  2. Check Your Email
    The email you received with this document contained a link to register.  Click the link to begin the registration process.
  3. Begin Your Course!

✔ Bookmark the webpage:
✔ Begin the online coursework through the modules
✔ Your online Cohort Leader and your campus Literacy Coach(es) will be guiding you through the modules
✔ Watch for email announcements from Sandy Meyer

Please direct all questions to Sandy Meyer, Coordinator of Early Learning,