In accordance with House Bill 3 and with the content provided by the Texas Education Agency, CFB is excited to launch Reading Academies!

What are Reading Academies?

The goal of the Reading Academies is to increase teacher knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices to promote student literacy achievement.

Who participates in Reading Academies?

All Kindergarten through third grade teachers, special education teachers, instructional facilitators, principals, and assistant principals in the state of Texas are required by HB3 to complete the Reading Academies.

What does participation look like?

Participants will navigate through twelve, self-paced, online modules. CFB will also embed support during Professional Learning Communities and District Professional Development days. CFB Literacy Coaches, also known as Cohort Leaders for this project, will be leading the work of Reading Academies.

CFB Literacy Coach

✔ Lead RA work during PLCs and PD trainings
✔ Provide support for the “learner’s” work during reflections, discussions and checks for understanding
✔ Provide support and guidance for artifact submissions

TEA Learner

(K-3 teachers, IF, SPED, Principal, Assistant Principal)

✔ Participate in the 12 self-guided, online modules
✔ Complete pre-tests, reflections, discussion posts, checks for understanding and post-tests in the modules
✔ Complete two graded artifacts
✔ Participate in PLCs and PD training days

TEA Cohort Leader
(CFB Literacy Coaches)

✔ Facilitate the delivery of the TEA online modules each month.
✔ Monitor online participation to ensure all “learner” fulfill TEA requirements
✔ Serve as a grader for two artifacts

Next Steps..

Register for the Reading Academies

Please direct all questions to Sandy Meyer, Coordinator of Early Learning, meyers@cfbisd.edu