Spark STEM Academy

About Spark

The Spark STEM program engages students in developing solutions to real world problems and challenges through engineering and technological design combined with scientific and mathematical inquiry. Students develop a set of critical thinking, reasoning and creative skills that grow through research and collaborative teamwork.

A STEM Classroom:

  • is active and exuberant as student learning is collaborative and project-based
  • involves students working closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems
  • engages students in inquiry based instruction

A STEM Student:

  • is a curious, analytical, and strategic risk taker
  • communicates effectively
  • thinks scientifically, mathematically, and creatively

A STEM School:

  • is collaborative and dynamic
  • integrates STEM into all content areas
  • establishes global connections


The Spark STEM Academies are offered at Blanton, Freeman, McLaughlin Strickland, Rainwater, and Riverchase Elementary schools. Every day students will participate in STEM challenges in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics focusing on collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Spark STEM Academy

This Academy is offered at:

Students will attend the campus in their home attendance zone.

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