CFBISD Athletics

The CFBISD Athletic Program offers students the opportunity to compete in 6 sports at the middle school level and 14 sports at the high school level. Our program helps students acquire characteristics to become successful contributing members of society. 

CFB athletic programs develop students not just athletically but academically, socially, and emotionally. Students learn teamwork, discipline, commitment, work ethic, grit, and poise. Our student-athletes win championships not just on the field and court but in the classroom, earning academic accolades and scholarships to college! 

Participating in Athletics in CFBISD contributes to the overall well-rounded development of the student to prepare them for life after high school and beyond.

Athletics is offered at all Middle Schools and High Schools. While ECHS does not offer formal athletic programs, the ECHS students may tryout, practice and compete with their designated home-high school.

Grade Levels Served:
7th-12th Grades

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