Communications in CFB

At CFBISD we are committed to a culture of communication, collaboration, and transparency to ensure the continued success of our students, schools and community.

Grandparents and extended family members can stay informed about important updates, events, and initiatives through the CFB website, newsletters, social media channels, and in person events. We encourage you to stay connected and remain updated about the exciting happenings in our schools through these important communication channels: 

  • District Calendars - stay up to date on holidays, testing dates and more.  

  • Social Media Channels - follow the district on social media and learn more about district events. (Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube)

  • News Hub - find the latest news in the district at the News Hub.

  • Student Code of Conduct  - Find the full student handbook and learn more about CFB. 

  • Safety & Security - CFBISD emphasizes preparation, prevention, deterrence and response to a range of safety-related situations that may arise. 

  • Technology Help - Learn more about how students use technology and can receive assistance. 

  • Drug Prevention Resources -  resources to help parents be aware and help protect students from substance abuse.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - check out opportunities for parents to  engage with your student’s school, teachers or classrooms that will support your child’s learning and academic growth.