Field Trips

The District will monitor health authority updates for guidance and field trips as situations evolve.

  1. Teachers/Sponsors will submit the Field Trip Approval Form–approvals are electronic.  The form will go to:
    1. Principal (all trips)
    2. Content Director (if overnight or out of state trips)
    3. Assistant Superintendent (if overnight or out of state trips)
  2. Permission Forms for the trips are also electronic and should be sent through ParentSquare to parent/guardian.  Permission will be given electronically.  Teacher/Sponsor can print the approvals on a spreadsheet to take on the trip.
  3. To secure chaperones for the trip, teacher/sponsor can request chaperones through ParentSquare.  Parent/Guardian must complete the required background check each year through ParentSquare.
  4. A ratio of 1 chaperone per 15 students is required.  If more than 30 students, an administrator is required for overnight trips.

If you have questions please contact Student Services 972-968-6623.

Field Trip Procedures


  1. Complete and submit the Field Trip Approval Form for approval from Principal and/or designee.  This form is for both in-state and out-of-state field trips.
  2. Volunteers must complete the Online Background Check as required by the District.  Visit our Volunteer page for more information.
  3. Use ParentSquare to create, send and receive the Permission Waiver and Release Form from parents.  Teachers and administrators will be able to pull a report of all completed permission slip forms for the field trip.
  4. Overnight Trips: Schedule parent/student meetings to distribute detailed trip information including Rules for Overnight Trip.
  5. Rosters: Print the completed permission slip forms from ParentSquare.
    OR create your own roster from TEAMS with the following information: Name, ID, Date and Periods out of classes.
    Email the roster information to your principal/designee, school nurse, attendance clerk, cafeteria manager at least one (1) week prior to field trip.
    Report absences to the attendance clerk the morning of the event.
  6. If CFBISD Transportation is needed, please fill out the Request Transportation for Field Trip form.