Staff Appreciation - Shout Out

CFBISD staff continue to go the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have observed an employee going up and beyond to assist our students, staff, co-worker or families during the crisis.  Share your “shout out” to the staff member who you have witnessed making a positive difference even during these challenging times.

Thank an employee Today

Malcolm Mulroney

We are blessed in CFBISB by Malcolm’s zest and creativity toward leading all of us to go beyond thinking of our buildings in the present tense. Think big, CFBISD! Mr. Mulroney & the team he leads will work to make dreams a reality.

Dr. Dana West, Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

Ms. Heba Nuru

Ms. Nuru at McCoy Elementary has worked hard to help our son be the best 1st grade student that he can be. She supports him, encourages him but also holds him accountable to realistic expectations. She's taken the time to communicate with us when necessary in order to help us understand how to best support him at school. She has taken her first two years teaching, during a pandemic, like a champ all while teaching first graders online and in person! She continues to amaze us each day, we are so thankful for Ms. Nuru.

Shelly Gloyna, CFBISD Parent

Mrs. Lashandralyn Harrison

Mrs. Harrison has taken such good care of my kids from the moment we walked into McCoy! We are so grateful for the guidance she has provided. From showing kindness and redirecting my nervous kindergartner to maneuvering difficult student relationships, she has been a warm guiding light. SO grateful for her!

Sarah Amond, CFBISD Parent

Dr. Kathryn Schaeffer

I know that she always has my back. She is dedicated to her team of specialists and puts their needs above her own. During this pandemic, she's always reaching out to make sure her team has what they need and are taken care of. Dr. Schaeffer has an amazing ability to think through the minute details of different projects to make sure that they run smoothly. She is passionate about the Advanced Academic Program and how it benefits students. I'm grateful to work for her.

MaryAnn Condie, Advanced Academics

Dr. Patty Parker & Data Team

Dr. Patty Parker and her team are not only a joy to work with, they also support SO MANY with testing, data and how to use that testing data! This team and their expertise are critical to our success as a District in mitigating the effects of COVID-19 Slide. Educators and professionals need quick and reliable data so they can meet each student's need. Dr. Parker and her team deliver!
Thank you, All! You make a difference!

Dr. Dana West, Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

Teresa Smith

Ms. Smith, at Blanton Elementary, has been so helpful and reassuring since before the new school year began. With everything being so different this year due to Covid-19 and remote learning, she has reached out several times when my son or I have needed extra help with his classwork. She is really on top of it, making sure she sends out messages to parents if students are not logged on when they are supposed to be (we all know how 4th graders can be very easily distracted). But above all she is an extremely gracious, loving teacher! I don't doubt for a minute there would be no way my son would be able to excel this year without her! She has really made all the difference this year. When my husband and I still didn't feel safe sending our son back to school with so many unknows- Ms. Smith has been an amazing constant help for our family as we successfully continue my sons remote learning at CFBISD!

Megan Gallegos, CFBISD Parent

Kate Harvey

Mrs Kate Harvey in my opinion is one of the best teacher. She is always smiling, energetic, and ready to start with lot of patience and excellent teaching skills. Mrs Harvey makes learning so fun and interesting that my daughter always waits for her class. We are soo so thankful for all you do Mrs Harvey.

Sujay Verma, CFBISD Parent

Roberta Fremgen

Roberta is the 1st person that I see each and every school morning and she always has a very bright and peachy smile. Roberta has an outstanding attitude and is ever helpful when I am requesting something. Roberta, thanks for making my job easier.

Adelina Tomerlin, CFBISD Counselor

Jennifer Medina

Jennifer is very quick and thorough expediting address changes for employees which impacts the service the Benefit & Risk Management Department provides enabling employees to receive insurance benefits, cards, and payments from insurance companies. I really appreciate her!

Kimberly Graham, Business Support Services


Myesha Nichols

I watched her greet families and students like family. She is fun-loving and high energy for staff at Freeman Elementary. The day that I subbed at Freeman was pure joy and she was a take charge person with a loving heart.

Jo Gillen, Executive Director of Career & Technical Education

Melissa Hardwick

Mrs. Hardwick makes learning really fun and exciting. Our son, Jialiang Dutton, is mesmerized and focused by her energy and drive.

Xuejiao Dutton, CFBISD Parent

Veronica Mercado

Ms. Mercado has worked above and beyond to locate and communicate the importance of attending classes each day. She follows through daily with attendance from the teachers to contact both parents and students to ensure students are getting the best of each day's learning. Ms. Mercado continues to come up with creative ways to encourage students at Perry to attend each day and they support students and staff in need constantly without hesitation!

Lisa Bates, Assistant Principal at Perry Middle School

Jessie Frishman

Mrs. Frishman is our At-Risk Coordinator at DWP. She goes out of her way to make sure students know how their attendance and grades impact their future. She has come up with creative ways to collect desk shields to track attendance of our Traditional Learners day to day. She also checks on the attendance of the remote learners and makes daily phone calls to both parents and students to encourage attendance and participation of their learning. She has been the voice of many students who were struggling and now have clarity of expectations and how to move through their day online.

Lisa Bates, Assistant Principal at Perry Middle School

Finance Department

Steve Bassett and his team have worked wonders to support scholars, educators and other CFBISD colleagues. His team has been creative in supporting solutions for student recruitment, employee incentives and technology enhancements. Steve and his team are leading the way in making greatness happen for all in CFBISD.

Dr. Dana West, Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

Amy Johnson

Amy is always willing to help out whenever you ask. Whether it's a "thank you banner" or logo for a project she always goes above and beyond. She is valuable asset to her department and to the district overall!

Bobby Shaw, Construction Department Head

Dawn Fisher

Ms. Fisher is engaging as she teaches. We can hear her use different voices to simulate different emotions in order to create a wonderful and immersive learning experience. Our son, Jiaming Dutton, loves her and really enjoys her teaching.

Xuejiao Dutton, CFBISD Parent

Lisa Phillips


Lisa is a CFBISD standout! She is one of the nicest most positive people I have ever met. She has a very difficult job but manages to do it with kindness and grace. She is the definition of exceptional customer service. No matter what the problem or question is, Lisa is someone you can count on to help you. Lisa Phillips is a blessing to CFBISD and someone I am proud to work with.

Amy Johnson, Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Willis

Nurse Willis is doing all things during this pandemic! All the while, remaining calm, and serving our community with grace and grit! She has stepped up and handled everything from protocols, PPE, contact tracing, and communicating with parents, staff, and students!

Jo la puma, creekview high school principal

Dawn Fisher

Ms. Fisher is an amazing teacher. She gets the kids really involved in the learning. Despite being a remote learner, my son Abdullah Sheikh absolutely loves her!

Gazala Jabin Memon, CFBISD Parent


Ann Shafer

Mrs. Shafer helps our son, Jiaming Dutton, focus on details and quality. She pushes for excellence and challenges him to continue to do better. Our son absolutely enjoys her class.

Xuejiao Dutton, CFBISD Parent

Rebecca McDowell

Rebecca is tireless in ensuring all of our valued employees receive accurate paychecks. This is so much more complicated this year with the influx of special payments and substitutes, etc. She works evenings and weekends and never complains. Her positive, can-do attitude and continual lifting up of those around her makes her stand out as giving above and beyond of herself to help others.
Jennifer DuPlessis, Executive Director of Finance