Change in Learning Option

Request for Change in Learning Environment - Traditional/Remote 2020-2021

Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, families may change their student's learning environment using the Request for Change in Learning Environment - Traditional/Remote form found below.

If you do not intend to change your student's learning environment, please disregard this notice. 

Parents/ Guardians wishing to change from Remote Learning to Traditional or Traditional Learning to Remote are the only ones who need to access and submit this form. This option to change will be offered each nine weeks. Please adhere to the dates and deadlines shown here:

Nine Week Period Request Window Request Deadline You'll Receive Notification from Your Child's School by: Date Schedule Change Will Take Place:
2nd Nine Weeks Sept. 21 - Oct. 2, 2020 Oct. 2, 2020* Oct. 14, 2020 Oct. 19, 2020
3rd Nine Weeks Nov. 23 - Dec. 4, 2020 Dec. 4, 2020* Dec.16, 2020 Jan. 5, 2021
4th Nine Weeks Feb. 8 - Feb. 26, 2021 Feb. 26, 2021* Mar. 10, 2021 Mar. 22, 2021

*Note: Due to implications for staffing and social distancing, requests will not be considered after this deadline.

To learn more about your choice, please access the links here:

As you make your decisions, please note that campuses are doing their best to provide procedures that keep your students safe while at school.  Please visit our Covid-19 Dashboard to see how we’re doing!  While students can’t always be separated by 6 feet in the classroom, our students and staff are doing a great job washing hands, keeping work areas clean, and socially distancing to the greatest extent possible.

Once we fill out the Request, what happens next?

  1. All requests for change submitted within the time frames above will be granted!
  2. You will receive further communication directly from your student’s school.  See the schedule above to give you the timeline for each nine weeks.

Important information to consider:

  • If you change from one learning environment to another, there is a possibility that your student’s schedule and/or their teachers will change.  
  • Submit your Request for Change in Learning Environment as early in the window as possible.
  • There is not an opportunity for specific schedule requests.
  • At the secondary level:
    • While our counselors strive for great customer service, they will not be able to respond to requests for information about what your child's schedule could be should you change your learning environment. 
    • Due to the complexity of scheduling students at the middle school and high school level, campuses can’t determine which classes may be available until all Requests for Change in Learning Environment forms are completed. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate through things we’ve never experienced before!  Please know that our schools are dedicated to providing the best education for each of our learners!

To indicate your desire to change, please click on the name of your child’s school below. This will take you to the Request for Change in Learning Environment form. Please fill out one form for each child who is requesting a change.

Elementary Schools

Campus Link to the form in English Link to the form in Spanish
Blair Blair-Eng Blair-Sp
Blanton Blanton-Eng Blanton-Sp
Carrollton Car-Eng Carrollton-Sp
Central Central-Eng Central-Sp
Country Place CPE-Eng CPE-Sp
Davis Davis-Eng Davis-Sp
Farmers Branch FBE-Eng FBE-Sp
Freeman Freeman-Eng Freeman-Sp
Furneaux Furneaux-Eng Furn-Sp
Good Good-Eng Good-Sp
Kent Kent-Eng Kent-Sp
La Villita LVE-Eng LVE-Sp
Landry Landry-Eng Landry-Sp
Las Colinas LCE-Eng LCE-Sp
McCoy McCoy-Eng McCoy-Sp
McKamy McKamy-Eng McKamy-Sp
McLaughlin/Strickland McStrick-Eng McStrick-Sp
McWhorter McW-Eng McW-Sp
Rainwater Rain-Eng Rain-Sp
Riverchase River-Eng River-Sp
Rosemeade Rose-Eng Rose-Sp
Sheffield Sheff-Eng Sheff-Sp
Stark Stark-Eng Stark-Sp
Thompson Thomp-Eng Thomp-Sp


Middle Schools

Campus Link to the form in English Link to the form in Spanish
Blalack BMS-Eng BMS-Sp
Field VFMS-Eng VFMS-Sp
Long Long-Eng Long-Sp
Perry DPMS-Eng DPMS-Sp


High Schools

Campus Link to the form in English Link to the form in Spanish
Creekview CVHS-Eng CVHS-Sp
Ranchview RVHS-Eng RVHS-Sp
Salazar & Grimes Salazar-Grimes-Eng Salazar-Grimes-Sp
Smith NSHS-Eng NSHS-Sp