Counseling Department

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District & Campus Counseling Contacts

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension
Jo Gillen Chief of SEL and Postsecondary Readiness 6584
Melanie Williams Coordinator of School Counseling and AVID 6625
Betsy McKinney Parent Education/School-Age Parenting Program, Home Instructor 6583
Katie Tilton Counseling/AVID Assistant 6563
Pam Geisinger Counseling Specialist 6579
Lyn Torres Coordinator of Mental Health & Behavior Services 6559
Kristina Smith Employee Assistance Specialist 6681
Monica Belen Chemical Dependency Counselor 6680
Tamara Johnson District Crisis Counselor 6559
Courtney Perkins District Crisis Counselor 6559
Shawne Poplar District Crisis Counselor 6469
Kim Rangel District Crisis Counselor 6559

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension