CCMR Indicators

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has identified ways that high school students can demonstrate readiness for college, careers, and the military, and completion of CCMR indicators is reported as a major part of A-F accountability for Texas high schools..  Even though CCMR indicators are not high school graduation requirements by themselves, meeting CCMR criteria is aligned with the completion of graduation requirements; the specific indicators a student will meet might differ based on their postsecondary plans.  Students and parents can use the list in this section to understand and plan for ways to meet CCMR.  School counselors meet with students each year to select courses that will best prepare them to meet their graduation and postsecondary goals and are an excellent resource for postsecondary planning with support from the CCMR team.  

CFBISD strives for each graduate to meet at least one CCMR indicator.  The CCMR indicators in the current accountability framework include: 

Meet TSI criteria in reading and mathematics through SAT, ACT, TSIA2, or TEA college prep courses.





  480 EBRW

  530 Mathematics


  19 English and 23 Composite

  19 Mathematics and 23 Composite


  945 ELAR CRC or 5+ Diagnostic and 5+ Writeplacer Essay

  950 Mathematics CRC or 6 Diagnostic


  Complete course and earn credit

  Complete course and earn credit


  • Meet criteria of 3 on AP examinations or 4 on IB examinations.

  • Complete a course for dual credit (nine hours or more in any subject or three hours or more in ELAR/mathematics)

  • Meet credit eligibility for an OnRamps course in any subject. 

  • Earn an associate degree. 

  • Earn a TEA approved industry-based certification.

  • Earn a Level I or Level II certificate.

  • Graduate with completed IEP and workforce readiness.

  • Graduate under an advanced degree plan and be identified as a current special education student.