College, Career and Military Readiness

College, Career, and Military Readiness

The vision of the CCMR department is for all CFBISD students to graduate high school prepared for a college, career, or military path of their choice and empowered to be competent, productive members of society.  In addition to the college, career, and military readiness information and activities provided on CFB campuses, information and resources are listed here to help students and their families become active and engaged in their exploration of the right postsecondary match for them.

CCMR Preparation Timeline

This checklist provides an outline to preview and guide students toward completion of CCMR readiness tasks during every year of high school.  As you review and identify areas where you might need more information, please let your counselor and CCMR staff know how we can support you in achieving your college, career, and military goals.

Melanie Williams
Coordinator - College, Career and Military Readiness

Angela Curtin
Tina Jain
Nikita D. Fisher
Ken Enslow 

Career and Military Resources

College Resources