Employee Shout-Outs

A simple thank you can brighten up someone's day. Giving a shout-out is a great way to recognize a CFBISD employee, team or department for their work, talent, and contribution to a culture of appreciation, community, and kindness.

Employee shout-outs will be updated regularly as they come in. Send in your shout-out and thank a coworker for their excellent work in CFBISD!  

Thank an employee Today

April 28, 2023

Carolina Christiansen, Director of Bilingual/ESL Programs - Elementary

Carolina is passionate about our bilingual and ESL students. I can always count on her for materials, resources and support each year to help me provide my students with the best educational opportunities available. Her enthusiasm for learning and teaching is contagious! Thank you, Carolina, for all you do for the Bilingual/ESL teachers and students in CFBISD. We couldn't do it without you!krin Villacres, Blair Elementary Teacher

April 26, 2023

Amber Ali, Assistant Credit Recovery Lab

Miss Ali cares for her students and does her best to make a environment that encourages learning, friendship, and good work ethic! She has had several years of classroom experience that she uses not only to help students with their recovery credits, but in addition uses her knowledge to aid students in their everyday classes. She goes above and beyond!
Thank you Miss Ali! safa tariq, avid tutor

April 24, 2023

Liliana Guzman, Creekview High School Clerk

She is working above and beyond for her seniors. Super proud of your hard work and dedication! :) feyza zelaya, creekview high school clerk

April 7, 2023

Robert Atchison, Principal at Sheffield Elementary

Always going above and beyond to make Sheffield students and teachers SHINE!

Karin Goodine, sheffield elementary teacher

March 28, 2023

Hope Keane, Coordinator of Student Testing

Hope is so very organized and helpful. She is kind and patient, and answered each and very question, no matter if its minor or major. She is checking all my data, sending reminders and asking for assistance to clean up areas of need. Thank you, Hope for being the ultimate supporter and professional!

maxine reed, assistant principal at la villita elementary

February 28, 2023

Stephanie Marish, ECHS Teacher

Due to her hard work and efforts, Stephanie planned and executed ECHS's FIRST Black History Month Program! The program was amazing, and students and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thank You Stephanie Marish for filling a void that we had...but will never have again!

Stacy Jones, ECHS Counselor

December 6, 2022

BJ Welsh & Tech Team

BJ assisted with getting all of our new security officers new laptops. In addition, he and his team only had about a week to get all 50 laptops ready for them before a training date we had scheduled. I appreciate all of them working so hard to get these laptops ready. I know it took a lot of coordination. Thank you to IT!!

rachael Freeman, executive director of school safety & security

Jonathan Wilk, Athletic Department

Jonathan ran our new security officers through CPR/AED/Stop the Bleed training over the Thanksgiving break. He also conducted some team building exercises (corn hole!) for us to decompress. I appreciate his willingness to work on a day when most people were off! He was incredibly knowledgeable and I am appreciative of his efforts.

rachael Freeman, executive director of school safety & security

December 2, 2022

Terry Vandberg, Felipe and Mason

I have had problems with the AC in my classroom for months. I have done several work orders and no one could find the problem. Mr. Vandenberg sent Felipe and Mason and they found the issue with the AC immediately. They were incredibly patient, efficient and skilled at their jobs. I am very grateful and appreciative of their service.

krin villacres, blair elementary teacher

October 6, 2022

Library Media Services: Cindy Nietubicz, Shelley Gammon, Joanne Kelly, Ericka Guerrero, Mary Estrello

The Library team worked tirelessly over the past 10 weeks putting libraries back together after renovation projects were complete, reopening the last of them this week.

scott monroe, chief technology officer

October 4, 2022

Katherine Cook, Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Cook works tirelessly to make sure our attendance is accurate. If someone makes a mistake she follows up with us, she makes sure our attendance is accurate. I thought her job was really hard before COVID, then the lock down made her job crazy, now that we have returned to regular teaching, she spends time helping parents, teachers and students understand all they need to for us to have an accurate recording of student attendance. I say we are back to regular - implying it's normal - but it's not. Students still have the flu and COVID and parents still think students can have lessons from home. With all the changes, I really appreciate that each year she shows patience, kindness and flexibility.
She is a true gem on our campus and she helps us have both a strong culture where we work together and a great reputation for accuracy.
We are lucky to have her.

Charlene Nance, TECH APPS

September 29, 2022

Nakita "Niki" Fisher, CCMR Dean

Niki is a true Rockstar! As the Lead Counselor at Early College High School, I am responsible for building the Master Teacher Schedule and Student Schedule. While I have many strengths, master teacher schedule building isn't one of them. However, being that Niki did this for years prior to me coming along, she is quite the pro in this field, and I truly appreciate her willingness to help me during this time. I am forever grateful for her assistance. Without her, the start of our school year wouldn't have been as smooth as it was. Niki, I know I tell you all the time how thankful I am for your willingness to help, but everyone should know just how amazing you are!

Stacy jones, counselor at ECHS

September 23, 2022

Missy Cozart and Mitch Tillison

Mitch Tillison and Missy Cozart have gone above and beyond to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by inviting vendors and planning events, as well as inviting poet Esteban Rodriguez to speak to students. Both Missy and Mitch are exceptional teachers who juggle multiple preps and many responsibilities, but nothing deters them from loving and supporting students. They make CFBISD a better place for all.

Lisa williams, Title II ELAR Instructional Specialist

September 22, 2022

Nabil Khawla, Early College High School Teacher

During AVID tutorials today, a student had a very specific question about a French translation for a college class. Because of the specific nature of the question, other students were not able to assist. However, Mr. Khawla is fluent in French, so I sent a plea asking if he knew the answer. Not only did he respond, but he came to my classroom to talk with the student one-on-one to ensure that she knew the spelling and pronunciation. He then proceeded to make sure the student knew where his room was and graciously said that he will be happy to help with any subsequent French questions. Mr. Khawla exhibits the heart of an educator in that he is more than willing to share his expertise, even with students who are not currently in his class and about a subject in which he is proficient (more than, actually) but is not what he specifically teaches. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Khawla!

Whitney Kelley, early college high school teacher

September 15, 2022

Timothy Isaly, Early College High School Principal

Principal Isaly took it upon himself to use his personal weed edger and edge the area leading up to the ECHS building. I appreciate his humbleness in treating our school building as his personal property as we prepare to greet parents soon. This is our house! I appreciate him.

stephanie marish, ECHS Teacher

September 9, 2022

Megan Garza, Digital Learning Specialist

Megan has been so great at helping me sort out some Canvas issues that popped up because of a realignment/reassignment of classes. I really appreciate her quick responses and help to get things sorted out and keep me moving ahead with curriculum and assignments. Thanks, Megan!

whitney kelley, ECHS Teacher

Diego Caceres, SpEd - Behavior Interventionist

Mr. Caceres, ALWAYS goes above and beyond for the kids. He has helped me immensely. I couldn't do my job without him and my assistant. We need more folks in this field like Diego!!!! I am truly honored to work with him!!!

jennifer donnally, Special Education - PAS TEACHER at Mclaughlin strickland

August 31, 2022

Natasha Dotson, Riverchase Librarian

I was brand new at Riverchase. When Ms. Dotson found out I lost my best friend, the next day there was a floral arrangement on my desk from her. It touched me deeply. She always has a smile and shoulder to lean on for everyone. She has tons of energy and always willing to help.

Debra waites, Riverchase elementary nurse

August 15, 2022

Madeline Mishalanie, McWhorter Elementary Teacher

Ms. Mishalanie has been an amazing help this year already at McWhorter. She has gone way past her job duties in helping furnish classrooms, set up duties and so much more I cannot even list. She needs to be recognized for going above and beyond for her campus.

tiffany alexander, McWhorter Teacher

July 5, 2022

Larry Guerra, Chief Financial Officer

I am currently pursuing my Superintendent Certification and often have to call on leadership staff throughout CFBISD. No matter how often I call Mr. Guerra with questions or requests for an interview, he promptly responds and/or makes himself available to meet. He is patient, knowledgeable and so very kind! I recognize the role he plays in CFBISD and how valuable his time is. Nevertheless, he has not once, made me, or my barrage of requests, seem as if they were burdensome. He is an excellent example of servant leadership, thank you, Larry!

Tracey Battle, Davis elementary principal