Employee Shout-Outs

A simple thank you can brighten up someone's day. Giving a shout-out is a great way to recognize a CFBISD employee, team or department for their work, talent, and contribution to a culture of appreciation, community, and kindness.

Employee shout-outs will be updated regularly as they come in. Send in your shout-out and thank a coworker for their excellent work in CFBISD!  

Thank an employee Today

October 14, 2021

Karin Busby, Bea Salazar Teacher

I would like to recognize Karin Busby, The High School Science teacher at the Bea Salazar Learning Center DAEP. This outstanding teacher teaches all levels of High School Science. She has a passion for teaching and learning. She is also very knowledgeable in all areas of technology . Karin is so generous in sharing her knowledge and helping everyone in the building solve tech problems. Karin is our "go to" person because in addition to solving our tech problems, she takes the time to teach us how to do it. Karin is such an asset to this district. Thank you, Karin, for everything you do, for both the students , and the staff. We appreciate you.

marty pitts

September 29, 2021

Ivett Bocanegra

I could not possibly do my job without Ms. Bocanegra's assistance! She supports our faculty in so many ways, but most importantly, she has been serving as a translator for me to speak/communicate with our Spanish speaking parents during phone calls, in-person meetings and via emails. Establishing continued and consistent parent contact is essential to building a strong partnership between home and school, and Ms. Bocanegra helps to bridge the language differences so that teachers and parents can communicate fully, with clear understanding of what each has to say. She has been indispensable, and I would be remiss if I didn't thank her for all of her assistance!

whitney kelley, early college high school teacher

September 28, 2021

Kimberly Hall, McWhorter Elementary Counselor

Mrs. Hall consistently goes above and beyond to not only support all students and staff, but also to create a positive culture of acceptance, growth and change. She provides a safe space in her office to allow for decompression for students and staff members. She stocks her room with coffee, snacks, and drinks AND is involved in making Fridays amazing with scrumptious treats from charcuterie board style to sweet and salty buffets for staff members! Thank you, Mrs. Hall, for exemplifying the characteristics of a loving, encouraging and supportive counselor.

lisa burns, positive behavior facilitator

Leslie Draper, Blalack Middle School Nurse

Hi there! I'm not only new to the district, but to school nursing as a whole. Today was my first substitute nurse shift and Ms. Draper helped guide me through it with ease. She took the time out of her day to show me where things were and the best way to go about certain situations. I greatly appreciate her patience and kindness that she showed me during my first day. Thank you so so much!

Kathryn finch

September 15, 2021

Sonia Saldana & Dominique Villalobos

Tirelessly and cheerfully assist parents and staff in a constantly moving environment. Y'all are awesome!

allison payne, counselor at carrollton elementary school

McWhorter Elementary Staff

This year has greeted us with a lot of challenges at McWhorter. I want to say THANK YOU to our entire staff for always showing up and showing out for our students. They work so hard each day to move the kids academically, but what many don't know is our teachers and staff provide so much more for our students. They provide them with love, support and a shoulder to lean on. They build relationships with our students and their families. They know our students and the community they live in. McWhorter is a powerhouse of educators and we work hard everyday! At McWhorter, Together we CAN and WILL!

kim hall, counselor at Mcwhorter elementary school

September 3, 2021

Esmeralda Leal, Thompson Elementary Teacher

Mrs. Leal goes above and beyond for her students and families. She sends out frequent Parent Square messages with videos where she talks to parents on how to support students at home with letter sound practice, reading and discourse, numbers and counting, as well as how to use the iPad. She is dedicated and deserves a shout out! Blessed to have her as my child's teacher.

brenda lacroix, student services coordinator/parent

Rabia Bhatty, Special Ed. Assistant

Mrs. Bhatty has been a magnificent addition to the Blanton Staff family. Apart from lending a hand when she can, she has gone through great efforts to connect with staff and students. She assisted my classroom as an aide the first week of school when we were short staffed. She quickly learned students names and often checks on them to see how they are doing. Mrs. Bhatty also helps with Pre-K dismissal at the end of the day. She takes time to ask them what they learned for the day. She serves with a smile and is always glad to help. I know she brings a smile to my face and I can already see the impact she is making in the lives of our students. Your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed Mrs. Bhatty.

Evangelina Ross, Blanton Elementary Teacher

September 2, 2021

Logan Dunn, Early College High School Teacher

Mr. Dunn has been developing a masterful geometry curriculum that reflects insight and depth, which has been inspiring. He is always available to help those in his department with help. And as his door partner, I hear him encouraging students as well! In addition to his work teaching and as math department head, he has provided resources to the faculty, continued with good ideas and solutions directed at campus goals, and enriched our campus with his positive attitude.

jonathan talley, Early college high school teacher

August 31, 2021

Kristen Schroder, IB Coordinator

This is Kristen's first year as the IB coordinator for Las Colinas Elementary and Good Elementary. You would never think that she is split between two campuses because she is ALL IN! She has stepped in wherever she is needed from planning PD, supporting staff and even subbing in classes a few times when we have been short for a few hours. I am so thankful she is part of our school family!

farah rehman, principal of las colinas elementary

August 30, 2021

Admin Team at Creekview High School

I want to publicly thank the ENTIRE Admin team here at Creekview. Starting with a new district can be overwhelming but THIS TEAM went above and beyond preparing me and the other new hires with everything we needed to start our year with success. I am so blessed to be a member of the CFB family and call Creekview my home.

Karle stoll, sped - inclusion/coach

August 25, 2021

Jonathan Talley, Math/AVID

This is one example of so many instances of help I've received from my colleagues. This morning Talley took time out of his schedule to get my SmartScreen connected to my computer before the faculty meeting was held in my room. He didn't have to do that when I'm sure he was crunched for time, but it reflects his willingness to take action when he sees a situation where he can be of help! He represents the spirit of ECHS.

whitney Kelley, teacher at early college high school

August 5, 2021

Timothy Isaly, Principal of Early College High School

Mr. Isaly has been working tirelessly to implement new district strategies and best practices while remaining available to the staff with a service-minded approach. He is making sure everyone's voice is heard while progressing our campus forward.

jonathan talley, faculty member

Maria & Bob, Custodians

Our custodial staff at Blanton is beyond amazing! Though they have a heavy work load, they go the extra mile and make teachers feel special. Anytime we need something they're extremely efficient at handling things and they are very friendly! If we have questions about cleaning chemicals (I always do), where to put things.  They listen to us- really listen. Just as a good doctor would, and offer their knowledge without making us feel bad for flagging them down when they're in already in the middle of something.

I would go into detail about all the times they have helped me or one of my teammates out, but this shout out would quickly become a thesis, because they are always lending us a hand! As an example of one of the situations, my desks had been moved, and I mentioned that they were moved to another room for summer school. I also noted that I wouldn't need them until the day before students arrived. Before the day was even out, Bob had already shipped them all to my room early, made sure they weren't wobbly, checked on whether I had enough chairs. He went above and beyond! Another example would be in 2020 when I was concerned about all the cleaning chemicals we were using. Bob took the time to explain what the different types were, what they were made of, their purpose, etc. Mrs. Maria has saved the day for many teachers, as well! Any time we see a wasp on the playground and she finds out, she's out there in seconds making sure they haven't built a nest, so our Bulldogs will be safe. If there's an accident/spill/ anything that requires immediate attention she has an "I'm on it" personality. What's special about these types of behaviors is that our custodial staff has so much to do on their daily checklists, but they always have a positive attitude and treat us like family by making sure we are taken care of. They are a huge part of our school's success! We love and appreciate them!

Stacy jones, blanton elementary teacher

July 15, 2021

Lyndsey Caban, Senior Buyer - Construction and Contracts

Lyndsey you are a blessing to work with. You are uplifting and joyful. You are a great example to others with your positivity and professionalism.

jill hickman, COO & bonds secretary

Jennifer Bakare-Brown, Facilities Rental Coordinator

I would like to shout our Mr. Kilpatrick, for always helping me and going the extra mile!

jill hickman, COO & bonds secretary

Donald Kilpatrick, Custodian

I would like to shout our Mr. Kilpatrick, for always helping me and going the extra mile!

jennifer bakare-brown, facilities rental coordinator

Kim Galvez, Secretary to Chief of Technology

Thank you Kim for all your support. You have always been so kind and helpful when I needed guidance. You are a true asset to the district and a great role model to everyone!

jill hickman, COo & bonds secretary

July 14, 2021

Daniel Herndon, Enterprise Systems Director

Recently Daniel addressed my immediate need to make some adjustments in TEAMS. He is undeniably the best at his job. I appreciated him taking the time to understand my needs and resolve it promptly. Daniel has always provided excellent customer service and I value him greatly!

Thank you for all you do Daniel!

laura grant, associate superintendent secretary

July 1, 2021

DeWitt Perry Middle School Staff

I am sending a shout out to the wonderful staff and teachers, and everyone that has been supporting Perry this school year. I am so glad to be a part of this team and having them as a second family. I truly value your time, effort, persistence, courage, and smiles.

Hayley Tucker, nurse

June 23, 2021

Alixx Johnson Hubbard & Joe Perez

Alixx Johnson Hubbard and Joe promptly obtained clinic supplies needed to care for our students.
Working with you both was a pleasure, and seeing you work on this project with such dedication made me really appreciate your work.
I look forward to working with you again.

sandra lieck, director of health services

Summer & District Testing Assistants

I would like to recognize Clint Brown, Nicole Lokken, Stephanie Lopez and Ruth Root for going the extra mile to make summer testing work by volunteering to come in and work on the Friday before the test to make sure all of our scholars were ready to go.

Chris julian, district testing coordinator

Security Officers

Thank you to the security officers for being team players and for their hard work, dedication and helpful attitude they bring to the department. I am so happy to have them as part of my work family.

maria jimenez, security support specialist