Partner Connect Core Values

  • Students:  When making decisions regarding partnerships, always consider what is most beneficial for students.
  • Relationships:  CFBISD partnerships should be relationship driven, making every effort to personally engage campuses with partners and volunteers. Campuses should make every effort to include partners in campus activities and welcome interaction with partner employees. 
  • Mutual Respect:  CFBISD staff and partners should understand core values and seek common ground between each party while operating within one another's guidelines. Always remain open to new and creative ideas to work together.
  • Mutual Participation:  Campus and partner representatives should mutually participate in the relationship, stay in contact with one another, and create opportunities to expand the partnership.  Campus liaisons should lead staff and students in appropriate reciprocation to express gratitude for partner support.
  • Customer Experience: CFBISD staff should strive to serve community and business partners with respect and create an experience that allows the relationship to grow.