Vivian Field Visit Families and Extends Special Welcome

Vivian Field Middle School administrators and teachers made evening visits to more than fifteen homes of students to invite them back to attend CFBISD and Field MS. The home visits are part of a district wide effort to reach students who may not have returned to school this year. 

"We took school swag bags and brochures, highlighting all of the wonderful opportunities Vivian Field has to offer," said Kara Miller, Vivian Field Assistant Principal. The team's hard work has paid off as one family committed to coming back to Vivian Field. Another family commended the school for reaching out and stated they are thinking of returning. The team also spoke with students and families that currently attended the school.

"As an Admin team, we can all speak to what a powerful experience this was. Mr. Hunter, our Principal, has already begun planning our next home visits, including more staff to reach even more families!" said Miller.

Schools across CFBISD are hosting community walks to reach out to students who may not have returned after the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Administrators, teachers, and staff are working hard to ensure their neighborhood children get the best education possible during these unprecedented times.

Vivian Field Middle School is located at 13551 Dennis Lane in Farmers Branch. The school has many award-winning programs, including AVID and an incredible Dual Language program.