Teachers and Administrators in CFBISD Take a Deep Dive into Data-Driven Instruction

CFBISD teachers and administrators kicked off the summer working hard and making plans to meet the needs of all students.

Leadership teams from each campus met at the new multipurpose training center on June 2nd and 3rd in a partnership with Region 10 to learn how to strengthen data meeting systems on both the district and campus level using DDI.  Data-Driven Instruction, or DDI, is the process of collaborating and using data to better provide instruction to our students and meet their specific needs. A core idea of the training, "Always start with the end in mind," highlights the focus of DDI. Teachers and staff collect student data and unpack the standards and specific goals that need to be met for students to experience success.

Teams of teachers and administrators from all elementary, middle and high school campuses focused on the different aspects of the DDI process and how to best target their instruction to their learners. "By focusing on the data," says Nicole Greenleaf, principal at Rainwater Elementary, "we are able to better determine what each student needs. We also are able to assess what students already know and continue to push their thinking."

During the training, teams walked through the DDI process, completed case studies, and worked on the campus level to create plans for the 2021-2022 school year. "This will greatly impact the CFB staff as we focus on specific parts of our instruction, including directions, instruction, and delivery of the material," Rainwater teacher Nicole Linscomb said of DDI. "It was so great to be back with other campuses collaborating and working together to learn new ways we can have a positive impact on our students."