Rosemeade Elementary Coach Instills A Lifelong Love of Fitness to His Students

Hispanic roots and a dedication to hard work have served Coach Castillo, Rosemeade Elementary Physical Education Instructor, well. These traits have helped him instill a lifelong love of health and fitness in his students. This love has helped Rosemeade Elementary in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District take their fitness to the next level.

"Like all kids, if you allow them to work out and improve their health... they're going to do it, and they're going to thrive," states Castillo. And thrive is what students at Rosemeade Elementary do.

The National Fitness Gram is a physical fitness exam every school in Texas is required to take. The test indicates where schools rank in their district and their state according to their fitness level. Rosemeade Elementary's scores are always at the top in CFBISD.

During his tenure at Rosemeade Elementary, Castillo has been responsible for several grants and donations to his physical education program. The school has purchased innovative equipment for the students to have a one of a kind fitness experience.

"Coach Castillo has made a tremendous impact on our students and all of Rosemeade Elementary. He values health and fitness, and truly tries to instill a love of health and fitness in our students at a young age," says Laura Gutierrez, Principal at Rosemeade Elementary.

CFBISD is proud of Coach Castillo and the students of Rosemeade Elementary for taking health and fitness seriously. Their love of fitness will benefit them in the future.