Ranchview Swim Team

The Ranchview High School Swim has an incredible season underway breaking records and placing at several district events. Ellie Gayden continues her awesome streak claiming four Ranchview High School swim records. 

At their last swim meet, Gayden became the new record holder in the 500 freestyle. Julian Huddleston had an awe-inspiring debut swim taking first place in the 200 Freestyle and a strong performance in the 100 Breast.

Other highlights and best times include:

  • Xitlaly Herrera – 500 Freestyle, 100 Breast
  • Cora Yokoyama – 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle
  • Elsa Bhandari – 400 Free Relay split 
  • Mariyah Freeman – 50 Freestyle 
  • Daniel Lybbert – 100 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke

Congratulations to the Ranchview High School swim team for their awesome season despite COVID restrictions. Next up for the swim team will be the DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP on January 22 at the CFBISD Natatorium. The Girl's team will compete at 9 am, and the boy's team will swim at 2 pm.