R. L Turner old painting unearthed of lion

There is always that moment on home improvement shows when they are renovating a house and they find something special from the past. It could be a note, an antique beam, or a Mickey Mantle rookie card hidden inside the drywall. R. L. Turner in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District now has their own story. Jackson Construction, the general contractor for all of R. L. Turner’s renovations, unearthed an old lion painting behind the campus walls.

The blue lion was hiding on an old exterior brick wall of the original school building before being covered by years of renovations. At some point, the school was redesigned, and a new wall covered the mascot. In spring 2020, before demolition, this area where the painting was found was a classroom.

Satelite image of R L Turner

Students and alumni familiar with Turner hallways will recognize the location being part of the courtyard behind the library. When renovations are complete, this area will be a new collaboration space looking out to a newly upgraded courtyard.

R. L. Turner Collaboration Space

R. L. Turner has a rich history in Carrollton. In 1962, the school opened on Josey Lane and Crosby Road as the student population outgrew "Carrollton High School" on Perry Road. Hornets became Lions, and the rest is history.

CFBISD is proud that R. L. Turner is getting updates to meet the needs of 21st-century learning. The district respects the past and is proud of the teachers and students that have made our community great.