Meet the Department: Safety and Security

The Safety and Security Department is responsible for keeping schools secure and students safe. 

The security team is multi-faceted and responsible for assisting campuses with the day-to-day needs of operations. 

“Our security officers provide a physical presence on our campuses,” said Rachael Freeman, Executive Director of Safety and Security. “They complete required and mandated door audits for each school and make sure staff and students have the environment that is needed for them to be successful. Our officers build safe and positive relationships that can decrease the amount of issues schools tend to have. The lives of teens and children are valuable, and they have a voice that’s very important.”

Aside from the security officers, the department has a team of technology and engineering experts that fix issues such as access control, video surveillance, video doorbells, PA systems, and lockdown buttons. Additionally, the department is responsible for making sure that each campus is compliant with legislative requirements set forth by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Texas School Safety Center. 

The department has more than 50 staff members, with eight of them housed at the safety and security office at the administration building annex. They are:

Leadership Team

  • Rachael Freeman - Executive Director of Safety and Security
  • Adam Lewin - Director of Safety & Security
  • Eduardo Flores - Security Lead 
  • Jahmal Thomas - Security Lead
  • Daniel Robertson - Senior Security Systems Engineer
  • Matthew Bender - Security Systems Engineer
  • Maria Jimenez - Security Support Specialist
  • Aziz Sheriff - Security Technology Specialist

Security Officers

  • Anjanike Williams-Smith
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Anthony Robinson
  • Benny Castro 
  • Bradley Victory
  • Carlos Fabrow
  • Daniel Harper
  • Daniel Mejia
  • David Almanza
  • Edward Carter
  • Ernest Jones
  • Exavier Tisdell
  • Fernando De Leon
  • Fernando Guzman
  • Gary Anderson
  • Geannette Figueroa-Morales
  • Gissel Santana
  • Hannah Williams
  • Jack Merrell
  • James Courson
  • James Jefferson
  • James Makona
  • John Jimenez
  • Josh Flores
  • Joshua Smith
  • Keegan Lee
  • Larry Davis
  • Marcie Chatham
  • Rachel Kelly
  • Randy Thomas
  • Rick Sapien
  • Robert Schram
  • Robin Russey
  • Rodney Courson
  • Roy Mays
  • Sid Kauffman
  • Stefan Delaney
  • Stephan Bell
  • Tona Pin
  • Victor Cabrales
  • Victor Huicochea

Interesting facts:

 The department has seven CFBISD graduates. They are:

  • Eduardo Flores - R. L. Turner HS, Class of 1993 
  • Rachael Freeman - Newman Smith HS, Class of 1994
  • Jahmal Thomas: Newman Smith HS, Class of 2001
  • James Courson - R. L. Turner HS, Class of 2004 
  • Stefan Delaney - R. L. Turner HS, Class of 2008 \
  • John Jimenez Jr - Newman Smith HS, Class of 2015 
  • Fernando Guzman - Newman Smith HS, Class of 2016 

To learn more about the Department of Safety and Security, please visit their website.