Advanced Academics and World Languages Department Group Photo

The ​Advanced Academics and World Languages Departments support gifted and talented identification and various programs for advanced learners in kindergarten through 12th grade, ensuring all students have opportunities for rigorous academic growth. Additionally, the department supports language courses equipping middle and high school students to communicate competently and confidently in more than one world language.

Advanced Academics

The Advanced Academics Department works to identify highly motivated and gifted students with high academic potential to provide them with opportunities for academic rigor, depth, and breadth; college preparation; and to nurture healthy social and emotional development.     

“Our department strives to ensure all students are learning and growing towards their greatest potential and ready for post-secondary opportunities,” said Stacy Carroll, Executive Director of Advanced Academics and World Languages.

World Languages

The Department of World Languages provides programs of study that educate students to live, work, and lead in a complex, technological, and diverse world. The department sees its role as one that prepares CFB’s diverse students to become global citizens by empowering students to acquire attitudes, values, and skills that enhance cross-cultural communication.

“Our team directly impacts students by ensuring that the knowledge they arrive at school with is validated and new learning extends that baseline,” Carroll continued. “We focus our efforts on providing support to our teachers, so they increase rigor and challenge for our brightest students and hold everyone accountable for learning at the highest level.”

Combined, the department has eight employees with a combined total of 127 total years of service in CFBISD. They are:

  • Stacy Carroll, Executive Director of Advanced Academics and World Languages
  • Shay Carson, World Languages Coordinator    
  • Ruthe Houser, Secretary Advanced Academics
  • Olga Lawrence, Department Manager     
  • MaryAnn Condie, Gifted and Talented Specialist   
  • Niccole Cunningham, Gifted and Talented Specialist   
  • Sarah Eaton, Gifted and Talented Specialist   
  • Michelle Wilson, Gifted and Talented Specialist

Interesting Facts about the Department:

  • Ms. Carroll is a proud CFB alumnus who attended CFB schools for her entire K-12 journey – Dale B Davis Elementary, North Carrollton/Long Middle School, and Newman Smith High School class of 1989
  • Ms. Carroll is the second of three generations of CFB students – her mother, father, six aunts and uncles all attended R. L. Turner High School, and her daughter graduated from Creekview High School in 2020
  • Ms. Houser raised three children in CFB and has two grandchildren in CFB
  • Ms. Eaton raised two sons in CFB

For more information about the Advanced Academics and World Languages Departments, please visit the departments’ website.