Freeman ES hosts annual math night, more than 200 families in attendance

On Thursday, Feb. 8, Freeman Elementary hosted a family math night, an evening dedicated to fun and learning. With more than 200 families in attendance, this annual event provides opportunities for families to engage in hands-on math activities and games.

“Freeman’s math night is designed to reinforce grade-level standards while fostering teamwork and critical thinking skills,” said Robyn Campbell, Principal of Freeman ES. “This year’s event has proved once again to be a fantastic opportunity for our families to bond while strengthening their math skills.

photo of teacher and student

The math night is put together by Freeman’s Pre-K through fifth grade teachers. Student council members also took part in organizing the event, ensuring that families had a memorable and enriching experience. 

students at math night

“Our theme this year was Kindness Counts,” Campbell said. “The event not only celebrated the joy of math but also emphasized the importance of kindness in our school community.”

At the end of the event, each family received math games aligned with their child's grade level, allowing students to continue working on their math skills at home. 

teachers at math night