CFBISD middle school students compete in district’s UIL competition

During January, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD middle school students from across the district participated in an academic UIL competition. This competition, designed to complement the curriculum that is learned in the classroom, challenges students to expand their subject knowledge and learn valuable skills. 

Due to a bad weather day, the district celebration was canceled and moved to individual campus recognitions. We want to congratulate all of these CFBISD scholars for a job well done.

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

One Act Play

Best Play 

  1. Blalack MS

  2. Field MS

  3. Perry MS

All Star Cast

  • Titus Havens, Blalack MS

  • Kailey Renshaw, Blalack MS

  • Braelon Marston, Bush MS

  • Alenna Espinosa, Field MS

  • Sophie Keeton, Long MS

  • Kaden Gray, Perry MS

  • Saanvi Singh, Perry MS

  • Allyson Henderson, Polk MS

Honorable Mention - All Star Cast

  • Levon Bratcher, Blalack MS

  • Darshan Sambath, Bush MS

  • Ava Martin, Bush MS

  • Trinity Crenshaw, Field MS

  • Carolina Estrada, Field MS

  • Maddy Pitts, Field MS

  • Mia Rangel, Field MS

  • Rosie DePaz, Field MS

  • Alexis Diaz, Field MS

  • Sofia Velasco, Field MS

  • Emily Viviero, Field MS

  • Maya Conley, Long MS

  • Samanvi Arudala, Perry MS

  • Maddox Mease, Polk MS

All Star Crew

  • Carissa Homan, Blalack MS

  • Tamera Forest, Bush MS

  • Mariah Lopez, Field MS

  • Anthony Garcia, Long MS

  • Angeline Pena, Perry MS

  • Ashley Luu, Polk MS

Best Crew

  • Anthony Garcia, Long MS

  • Riley Gonzalez, Long MS

  • Jaevionna Johnson, Long MS

  • Eileen Martinez, Long MS

  • Reagan Robertson, Long MS

  • Kendrick Walker, Long MS

Best Performers

  • Betsy Holmes, Blalack MS

  • Vittoria Ciccarelli, Field MS

Art Logo

  1. Hannah Romero, Polk MS

  2. Saray Camilla Carruyo Monrroy, Polk MS

  3. Ethan Lam, Blalack MS

  4. Madeline Knight, Polk MS

  5. Seraphina Wirt, Blalack MS

  6. Nicole Ibarra, Blalack MS

Art - 6th

  1. Shannon Struhs, Blalack MS

  2. Gabrielle Garcia, Perry MS

  3. Azaria Black, Perry MS

  4. Karina Campos, Polk MS

  5. Alexis Flores, Blalack MS

  6. Darwin Da Cruz Rosas, Polk MS and Skylar Monroe, Blalack MS

Art - Mixed

  1. Hannah Romero, Polk MS

  2. Milly Coronilla, Polk MS

  3. Axel Nolasco, Blalack MS

  4. Kelsey Martinez, Blalack MS

  5. Liliana McKee, Long MS

  6. Ellanee Maradiaga, Long MS

Calculator - 6th

  1. Griselda Lopez, Polk MS

  2. Calvin Ung, Polk MS

  3. Justin Siguenza, Long MS

  4. Brandon Tran, Long MS

Calculator - Mixed

  1. Bryan Huynh, Long MS

  2. Maddox Maese, Polk MS

  3. Justice Martinez, Polk MS

  4. Amelia Enge, Blalack MS and Wayne Wai, Blalack MS

  5. Michael Ojei, Polk MS

Dictionary Skills - 6th

  1. Varshini Somisetty, Bush MS

  2. Kristies Lay, Polk MS

  3. Payton Melton, Polk MS

  4. Lila Galindo, Blalack MS

  5. Jiana Kesavan, Bush MS and Lauren LeMaster, Blalack MS

Dictionary Skills - Mixed

  1. Nandita Kirpalani, Perry MS

  2. Henrich Le, Perry MS

  3. Nicholas Kazumov, Perry MS

  4. April Hyun, Bush MS

  5. Nitya Kopparti, Bush MS and Maddison Morales, Polk MS

Editorial Writing

  1. Sanjeev Acharya, Perry MS

  2. Amelia Enge, Blalack MS

  3. Kristies Lay, Polk MS

  4. Mia McDonald, Perry MS

  5. Emery Howard, Polk MS

  6. Laura Sanchez, Long MS

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Laurie Wilhite, Perry MS

  2. Megan Wilhite, Perry MS

  3. Jackson Hyde, Polk MS and Liliana McKee, Long MS

  4. Lexi Maradiaga, Long MS

  5. Gideon Masdon-Mercado, Perry MS

Listening Skills Competition - 6th

  1. Charlie Cone, Blalack MS

  2. Emilie Wiehe, Polk MS

  3. Alexander Bui, Perry MS

  4. Lukian Denysov, Perry MS

  5. Muaax Hussain, Perry MS

  6. Elise Jacob, Polk MS

Listening Skills - Mixed

  1. Umamah Hussain, Perry

  2. Gideon Masdon Mercado, Perry MS

  3. Jonathon Thay, Long MS

  4. Diego Razo, Long MS

  5. Josue Rodriguez, Long MS and Ian Tapia, Polk MS

Maps, Graphs and Charts - 6th

  1. Avahan Gautam, Perry MS

  2. Advait Narani, Perry MS

  3. Tanish Patel, Perry MS

  4. Liam Walker, Field MS

  5. Raphael Nyaribo, Polk MS

  6. Xavier Ratcliffe, Polk MS

Maps, Graphs and Charts - Mixed

  1. Ishanth Vyakaranam, Perry MS

  2. Aarush Roy, Perry MS

  3. Kaden Gray, Perry MS

  4. Sarah Ebdon, Blalack MS

  5. Laila Mazzouj, Blalack MS

  6. Diego Razo, Long MS

Mathematics - 6th

  1. Vincent Cockrell, Blalack

  2. Gregory Godinez, Long MS

  3. Santiago Reyes, Polk MS and Aarian Washington, Blalack MS

  4. Griffin Perry, Polk MS

  5. Alisson Sosa Chavez, Polk MS

Mathematics - 7th

  1. Bala Bhumavarapu, Bush MS

  2. Daniel Williamson, Bush MS

  3. Ishanth Vyakaranam, Perry MS

  4. Joaquin De Jesus, Long MS

  5. Jackson Braswell, Blalack MS

  6. Bryan Huynh, Long MS

Mathematics - 8th

  1. Andrew Guzman, Polk MS

  2. John Guevara, Blalack Ms

  3. Brinley Arnold, Blalack MS

  4. Janvi Gupta, Bush MS

  5. Bridget Bassey, Long MS

  6. Krish Narsian, Bush MS

Modern Oratory

  1. Ishaan Acharya, Perry MS

  2. Sarah Ebdon, Blalack MS

  3. Saanvi Khurana, Perry MS

  4. Samanvitha Mada, Perry MS

  5. Anvika Gadamsetty, Bush MS

  6. Morgan Jenkins, Long MS

Number Sense - 6th

  1. Liam Lopez, Polk MS

  2. Benaiah Havens, Blalack MS and Sripal Medara Metla, Perry MS

  3. Ryan Isaac, Perry MS

  4. Uday Vomaravelli, Bush MS

  5. Samuel Rivas, Blalack MS

Number Sense - Mixed

  1. Ethan Kwan, Perry MS

  2. Kailash Ramakrishnan, Perry MS

  3. Aarush Roy, Perry MS

  4. Avert Escalon, Polk MS

  5. Winston Chen, Bush MS

  6. Eugene Choi, Bush MS

Oral Reading - 6th

  1. Isha Kirpalani, Perry MS

  2. Alex Collao, Blalack MS and Nathan Martinez, Perry MS

  3. Sarah Tibbits, Field MS

  4. Jhase Epple, Long MS

  5. Nabiha Syed, Blalack MS

Oral Reading - Mixed

  1. Saanvi Singh, Perry MS

  2. Alaysia Rhodes, Blalack MS

  3. Sylvie McNamara, Perry MS

  4. Samanvi Arudala, Perry MS

  5. Lily Bernal, Blalack MS

  6. Marileigh Partin, Polk MS

Ready Writing - 6th

  1. Muaaz Hussain, Perry MS

  2. Lauren LeMaster, Blalack MS

  3. Evelyn Hatfield, Blalack MS

  4. Griselda Lopez, Polk MS

  5. Hadya Sulaimankhil, Polk MS

  6. Michelle Pop, Polk MS

Ready Writing - Mixed

  1. Saanvi Singh, Perry MS

  2. Ghayathiri Anandaraman, Perry MS

  3. Sarah Ebdon, Blalack MS

  4. Umamah Hussain, Perry MS

  5. Lancia Mamey, Polk MS

  6. Kai Winters, Blalack MS

Science - 6th

  1. Benjamin Longoria, Polk MS

  2. Nathan Sanchez, Field MS

  3. Krishaanu Manuj, Perry MS

  4. Luis De Los Reyes, Field MS

  5. Olivia Longhurst, Field MS

  6. Christian McGuire, Polk MS

Science - Mixed

  1. Dheeraj Dinesh, Perry MS

  2. Eden Dixon, Polk MS

  3. Kailash Ramakrishnan, Perry MS

  4. Ranvit Pakala, Perry MS

  5. Miguel Rodriguez, Blalack MS

  6. Brian Cardona, Blalack MS

Social Studies - 6th

  1. Avyukt Gupta, Perry MS

  2. Lea Espinoza, Long MS, Sarah Morchower, Blalack MS and Tanish Patil, Perry MS

  3. Advait Narani, Perry MS

  4. Anja Maca, Blalack MS

Social Studies - Mixed

  1. Advik Singh, Perry MS

  2. Kaden Gray, Perry MS

  3. William Slaughter, Blalack MS

  4. Seraya Wello, Field MS

  5. Rayli Lewis, Blalack MS and Preston Pham, Perry MS