Barbara Bush Middle School Book Drive-Thru

The long-standing tagline, Reading is Fundamental, has been placed on posters, books and t-shirts over the last 25 years. In the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, we know a good reader is a strong indicator of future academic success. It has been a goal of CFBISD for all students to become confident, life-long readers by infusing reading into our curriculum in all classes. Barbara Bush Middle School in CFBISD has taken this a step further by offering a Book Drive-Thru for students during the COVID-19 campus closures.

The Students Love for Real Books
The Language and Literature teachers at Barbara Bush found that students overwhelmingly preferred to read traditional books. Having much of their curriculum online, students wanted to hold a real book in their hands. The demand for bound books is how the idea of the book drive-thru got started.

To get books to each student, the school started with a "Book Explosion" promotion, where teachers and administrators talked about as many books as possible. The staff showed video book trailers and advertised books on Instagram to flood each student's brain with book ideas.

Finding the Perfect Books for Students
After the promotion of books was set in motion, each student in all grade levels filled out a book interest form to request books and give the school an idea of what type of books the students might like to read. The staff worked to find the perfect two books for each student, and then packaged them in envelopes and organized them by grade level and last name. The packaging allowed the school to dispense the books to families at their book drive-thru easily.

The Barbara Bush Book Drive-Thru
The book drive-thru at Barbara Bush Middle School is open Tuesday and Wednesday before and after school to all students enrolled. Parents and students drive up to the school and say the student's last name, and their book is delivered to their car. Students are then able to enjoy their personalized, bound book at home. "We have already had great success! Families are enjoying the book drive-thru, and students are loving getting their hands on real books once again," said Abby Ramos, a literature teacher at Barbara Bush.

Safety in the Process
Books are returned in a large plastic bin with a slot to "quarantine" the books until they can be disinfected and redistributed to new students.

Thanks to the staff's excellent idea, students can enjoy reading books they love. In a time where interaction is low, students can be taken to new worlds and meet new characters in the books they read.