Mission: To provide safe reliable transportation service for the children of CFBISD through the dedication & commitment to exemplary performance.

Mark Hill

Mark Hill
Director of Transportation

name title Phone
Donna Cox Assistant Director of Transportation 972-968-6324
Felicia Harris Supervisor 972-968-6328
Erick Sanchez Safety/Training 972-968-6379
Main Dispatch 972-968-6320
Marcony Ruiz Fleet Manager 972-968-6374

Transportation Services Eligibility Requirements

For school bus eligibility and information - please email us at

Notice to all students and parents: Scheduled stops with no riders after 3 days, the stop will be taken off the bus route until there is a need to add the stop back on the route. Parents call the transportation department at 972.968.6320 or email us at if you have any questions.

Bus routes can change quite a bit right before and right after the new school term (fall, spring & summer) begins as ridership must be re-evaluated each time when people move, etc. Changes to these routes will be updated (if needed) on the website as soon as they are available.

View Bus Routes Here

Please note, ridership is an unknown factor until school begins, so routes may be updated and adjusted several times during the first few weeks of school as some pre-planned routes may have no riders, while others may have more than the previous year. Updated routes will be posted as soon as they are available.

Notice to All Students and Parents

Per state policy, it is a privilege for the student to ride the school bus. The student must live more than two(2) miles from the school to be eligible for transportation services. There are exceptions for academies and LEAP programs and these programs are included with the posted routes. In addition, the secondary students are required to display their student IDs (badge) when boarding the school bus.

The same rules on campus apply while riding the school bus. The bus is an extension of the classroom. View our Student Code of Conduct.

Scheduled stops with no riders after 3 days may be deleted from the route until there is a need to add the stop back to the route. Parents, please contact the student’s school or transportation department if you have any questions (972) 968-6320 or email To find your child’s stop please check below. Updates are posted as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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