Early Childhood Family Engagement Plan

The vision for Early Childhood Education in CFBISD is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that will support the cognitive, social and emotional development of all children and support every child’s sense of belonging, agency and purpose through interdisciplinary play-based learning.

The Early Childhood Program of Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD, in alignment with the TEA High-Quality Prekindergarten Components, is dedicated to fostering partnerships between families, schools, and the community to ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten and long-term success for all prekindergarten students. Our aim is to actively engage families to enhance the prekindergarten experience, empower families to become their child's educational advocates and strengthen the connections between school and home.

Required Family Engagement Components:
      1. Facilitate family-to-family support 
      2. Establish a network of community resources 
      3. Increase family participation in decision making 
      4. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning 
      5. Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks
      6. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement

Component Strategies



Facilitate Family-to-Family Support 

CFBISD will provide opportunities for families to participate in campus/district initiatives such as:

  • Campus-based academic nights 
  • PTA volunteer opportunities 
  • Classroom events and activities 
  • Parent events hosted by the campus principals
  • Parent Education Department opportunities to support student achievement
  • Campus Open House events
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollment events 



Establish a Network of Community Resources 

CFBISD, in partnership with community organizations, will support a network of resources that will directly benefit our Pre-K families as needed:

  • Ready Rosie
  • Student Services Departmental Support
  • Special Services Departmental Support
  • The Counseling Connection
  • Resources from the CFB Giving House
  • Local business partnerships 
  • Individualized campus programs
  • Faith-Based Leaders Alliance support
  • Communities in School


Increase Family Participation in Decision Making 

CFBISD will encourage family participation in decision making through: 

  • Campus and district parent surveys 
  • Title I parent surveys 
  • LPAC committees 
  • Early childhood parent surveys



Equip Families with Tools to Enhance and Extend Learning 

CFBISD will provide opportunities for Pre-K families to receive the tools needed to enhance and extend learning such as:

  • Skills for Early Childhood Video Series
  • Parent Education Department sessions
  • Library checkout from campus libraries
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Opportunities for families in partnership with community members/ organizations
  • Parent Self Serve
  • District and campus communications through ParentSquare and social media
  • Access to Ready Rosie parent resources
  • Access to CLI Engage Family Activity Collection


Develop Staff Skills in Evidence-Based Practices that Support Families in Meeting their Children’s Learning Benchmarks

CFBISD will train Pre-K educators on the value and importance of family engagement through: 

  • District/campus professional development
  • CLI Engage Family Engagement training
  • Ready Rosie training
  • CFBISD weekly Early Ed Update
  • Campus-based family engagement training


Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts and Use Evaluations for Continuous Improvement

CFBISD will use the following data to provide continuous improvement of our Pre-K program:

  • Campus parent surveys
  • Parent attendance (family engagement events)
  • Pre-K enrollment parent survey
  • Ready Rosie parent utilization data