Web Development

Ranchview High School
Business & Industry STEM Endorsement

This four year plan can be used as an example to help plan your high school career.

subject 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th grade
Language Arts English English English English
Math Math Math Math Math
Science Science Science Science Science
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
CTE Courses

Principles of Information Technology
(1 credit)

Web Design
(1 credit)

Web Game Development
(1 credit)

Career Preparation
(2 credits)

Independent Study in Technology Applications
Independent Study in Evolving and Emerging Technologies
(1 credit)
Additional Elective        
Additional Elective        
Additional Elective        

Additional Graduation Requirements:

  • Foreign Language (2 credits)
  • Physical Education (1 credit)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Health (1/2 credit)

Possible Industry Based Certifications:

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8
  • WD Certified Web Design Certification

  • Microsoft Technology Associate Introduction to Programming Certifications

occupations median wage annual openings % growth
Web Developers $67,912 1,079 39%
Web Administrators, Computer Occupations $85,197 1,616 20%
Software Developers $104,499 6,311 30%

The Web Development program of study explores the occupations and educational opportunities associated with designing, creating, and modifying websites. This program of study may also explore integrating websites with other computer applications, and converting written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of web and multimedia content.

Recommended Course Sequence

Principles of Architecture

In this course, students will develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. Students will implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. Students will enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills and apply them to the information technology environment.

Web Design

Studies web technologies and design, students learn to make informed decisions and apply the decisions to the field of information technology. Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. The knowledge and skills acquired and practiced will enable students to successfully perform and interact in a technology-driven society. Students enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and critical thinking and apply them to the information technology environment.

Web Game Development

Web Game Development will allow students to demonstrate creative thinking, develop innovative strategies, and use digital and communication tools necessary to develop fully functional online games. Web Game Development has career applications for many aspects of the game industry, including programming, art principles, graphics, web design, storyboarding and scripting, and business and marketing. The six strands include creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking; problem solving, and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts.

Project Based Research

Project-Based Research is a course for students to research a real-world problem. Students are matched with a mentor from the business or professional community to develop an original project on a topic related to career interests. Students use scientific methods of investigation to conduct in-depth research, compile findings, and present their findings to an audience that includes experts in the field. To attain academic success, students must have opportunities to learn, reinforce, apply, and transfer their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings.

Career Preparation

This course, provides opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business, and community stakeholders.