Real Estate

Newman Smith High School
Business & Industry Endorsement

This four year plan can be used as an example to help plan your high school career.

subject 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th grade
Language Arts English English English English
Math Math Math Math Math
Science Science Science Science Science
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
CTE Courses

Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
(1 credit)

Business Law
(1 credit)

Fundamentals of Real Estate
(2 credits)

Practicum in Business Management
(2 credits)

Additional Elective        
Additional Elective        
Additional Elective        

Additional Graduation Requirements:

  • Foreign Language (2 credits)
  • Physical Education (1 credit)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Health (1/2 credit)

Possible Industry Based Certifications:

  • Real Estate Agent License
occupations median wage annual openings % growth
Real Estate Agent $77,320 27,210 38%

Real Estate program of study teaches CTE learners how to market properties, the laws involved in real estate transactions and the process of buying and selling of real estate.