Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathmatics Cluster

Jobs in the scientific research and engineering career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

Explore the Scientific Research and Engineering Career Cluster

  • Do you enjoy science?
    Are you good at math?
    Do you enjoy building and fixing things?
    Do you want to find answers to questions?
    Would you enjoy working in a laboratory?
    Are you detail-oriented?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you might be a good candidate for a career in scientific research and engineering. One of the following jobs might be a great fit for you:

  • Physicist
  • Biologist
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Statistician
  • Electrical engineer
  • Hazardous materials technician
  • Nuclear technician
  • Astronomer

Career Pathways in Scientific Research and Engineering

Engineering and Technology – This pathway includes all of the many different kinds of engineers who work in both government and the private sector. Jobs include systems engineer, safety engineer, chemical engineer, transportation engineer, optical engineer, nuclear engineer, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, biotechnology engineer, and agricultural engineer.

Science and Math – This pathway includes a variety of occupations, from research scientists and mathematicians, to technicians, such as hazardous materials technicians or nuclear technicians. This pathway also includes scientific specialists, such as herpetologists, physicists, botanists, biologists, toxicologists, paleontologists, ornithologists, chemists, linguists, geologists, astronomers, and archaeologists.