Information Technology Cluster

Jobs in the information technology career cluster involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software multimedia, and systems integration services.

Explore the Information Technology Career Cluster

  • Do you enjoy working with computers?
    Are you fascinated by technology?
    Are you a logical and mathematical learner?
    Are you the person people rely on to set up or use computer hardware and software?
    Have you ever created your own computer program or video game?
    Are you organized and detail-oriented?
    Do you learn new computer programs easily?
    Do you adapt well to change?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you might enjoy a career in information technology. This is a fast-paced and quickly changing industry that includes the following careers:

  • Network administrator
  • Webmaster
  • Data analyst
  • Technical writer
  • Help desk technician
  • Software engineer
  • Programmer
  • Digital media specialist
  • Network technician

Career Pathways in Information Technology

Information Support and Services – This is the largest pathway in IT, and it involves analyzing users’ requirements in detail, selecting the best possible solution, writing specifications, and obtaining the necessary hardware. Jobs include data systems designer, help desk technician, application integrator, technical writer, database specialist, data analyst, and maintenance technician.

Programming and Software Development – People in this pathway design, develop, and produce computer software. They have occupations such as systems analyst, programmer, business analyst, operating systems designer, software architect, software engineer, and applications analyst.

Network Systems – This pathway includes the workers who establish and maintain links between computers, either within a single office, or across the World Wide Web. Jobs include WAN/LAN technician, communications analyst, systems engineer, network support specialist, network engineer, network administrator, and PC support specialist.

Interactive Media – Workers in this pathway create computer applications and content based on interactive media technology. Jobs include Webmaster, Web designer, digital media specialist, and multimedia author.