Human Services Cluster

Jobs in the human services career cluster involve tending to families and to human needs.

Career Pathways in Human Services

Early Childhood Development and Services – This pathway involves caring for the psychological, physical, and intellectual growth of children, from infancy through adolescence. Jobs include child development specialist, child care worker, parent educator, day care center director, and preschool teacher.

Counseling and Mental Health Services– The goal of workers in this pathway is to help people who suffer from emotional or mental problems. Jobs include substance abuse counselor, psychologist, school social worker, mental health aide, sociologist, and public health social worker.

Family and Community Services- Workers in this pathway provide a variety of services that help strengthen family and community life. Jobs include adult day care worker, community service worker, food pantry organizer, social worker, volunteer coordinator, and religious counselor.

Personal Care Services– Workers in this pathway help people feel and look better, and offer services that make people’s lives more convenient. Occupations include wedding consultant, personal shopper, party planner, massage therapist, makeup artist, image consultant, cosmetologist, and beautician.

Consumer Services– These services assist the buying public by ensuring that they receive fair treatment in the marketplace. Jobs include product safety tester, consumer outreach coordinator, consumer fraud investigator, consumer advisor, and consumer credit counselor.