Education & Training Cluster

Jobs in the education and training career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing education and training services, and related learning support services, including assessment and library and information services.

Explore the Education and Training Career Cluster

  • Do you enjoy teaching others?
    Are you patient?
    Are you comfortable with public speaking?
    Are you creative?
    Do you enjoy working with children or teenagers?
    Do you enjoy helping people learn new skills?
    Are you outgoing?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you may be a great candidate for a career in education and training. This career cluster encompasses a number of occupations, including:

  • Elementary school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • School administrator
  • Corporate trainer
  • Child care worker
  • College professor
  • Physical trainer
  • Instructional media designer

Career Pathways in Education and Training

Support Services – This pathway includes all of the services, other than teaching, that are essential for students to succeed, including the occupations of psychologist, social worker, parent educator, counselor, speech-language pathologist, and audiologist.

Teaching/Training – This pathway includes all the jobs teaching or training students in settings from preschool to business conference rooms. Jobs include teachers (of all types and at all education levels), teacher aides, human resources trainers, physical trainers, and coaches.

Child Care and Teacher Aides – This pathway includes the people who care for young children in day care centers and classrooms, including child care directors, child care workers, child life specialists, nannies, and early childhood teachers.

Education Administration and Administrative Support – Workers in this pathway keep schools functioning by performing a wide range of administrative duties. Jobs include superintendent, principal, and school administrator; instructional coordinator, education researcher, college president, curriculum developer, and instructional media designer.