Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine (Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources)

VetMed Academy

The Veterinary Science Program allows students to investigate the career opportunities within the Animal Industry. This program allows students to interact with business professionals from across the state in order to gain a greater understanding of the various career options and potential job requirements. As students progress through this program, they are refining their career options and determining the best course of action for their post-secondary journey. Students are also able to obtain various Industry Based Certifications that can enhance their marketability as a potential employee.

Jobs in the agriculture and natural resources career cluster involve planning, managing, and performing agricultural production, horticulture and landscaping services, and related professional and technical services; planning, managing, and performing mining and extraction operations; managing and conserving natural resources; and performing related environmental services.

BioMed Academy

Shannon Miller

This program is offered at:

Grade Levels Served:
9th-12th Grade

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