Special Services

Staff Title Phone Number
Dr. Karen Ward Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5855
Jennifer Wright Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5859
Dr. Regena Little Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5852
Monica Johnson Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5816
Colleen Bardsley Lead Diagnostician 972-968-5864
Greer Fisher Lead Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) 972-968-5841
Kathleen Frye Lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) 972-968-5850
Kristen Solete Lead Therapist 972-968-5875
Michelle Westerfield Lead Behavior Resource Specialist (BRS) 972-968-5865
Diana Rivera Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director SPED 972-968-5805
Valerie Lopez Administrative Assistant to the Coordinators 972-968-5856
Barbara Anderson-Groves Receptionist 972-968-5800
Atiliana Morales Child Find Clerk 972-968-5880
Mary Duncan Special Education Records Clerk 972-968-5862