Video Intercom System Procedures FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. When will the new procedure go into effect? 
    The new video intercom system will go into effect on August 19, 2019, the first day of school.
  2. What time will the doors of the school buildings be opened?
    Each building will determine when the doors will be opened for student entry in the morning and when they will be permanently locked for the day. This will be based on the needs of each school.
  3. What if my child is late for school in the morning, will he/she need to be buzzed in?
    After doors are permanently locked for the day, all students, parents and visitors will need to enter our school buildings through the main entrance and will follow the district entry procedures.
  4. What are the procedures that have been developed?
    Signage will be displayed at the entrances to our buildings explaining the new process. Parents, vendors, and visitors will:
  • Press the entry button located near the entrance
  • State the purpose for visiting
  • Upon entry to the building, visitors will need to follow these step-by-step procedures:
  • Stop in main office, have their ID scanned through the Raptor’s National Sex Offender Registry and receive an ID badge
  • Wear ID badge while visiting campus
  • Stop in the office before leaving the building to turn in ID badge
  1. Will parents, visitors and volunteers need to follow the established procedures?
    Yes, all parents, visitors, volunteers, and vendors will need to follow established procedures.
  2. Will the system be in use when there are large numbers of visitors and/or parents at the school during normal school hours?
    This may happen occasionally. In order to keep these events safe and to maintain our security protocol, a staff member will be stationed at the main entrance to monitor visitors. Safety procedures during these events will be left to the campus depending on their security needs.
  3. How will visitors who are unfamiliar with the new system know where to enter the building?
    Signage will be posted outside all exterior doors directing visitors to the main entrances of buildings, where information will be posted regarding procedures required for entering.
  4. How will school staff determine whether or not to grant access into the building?
    Office staff will make a determination after the person requesting entry has expressed a valid purpose for their visit. If there is any concern about granting access, a school administrator will be contacted.