CFBISD uses two methods of reunifying students with their parents in the event that an incident has occurred at a campus that would require the campus to dismiss early: the Controlled Release method and the Standard Reunification method. 

If there is no active threat or hazard on campus, such as an unforeseen power outage incident with no repair time, the campus may conduct a Controlled Release reunification similar to normal dismissals but using the school to provide a more secure and safe environment while the students wait. 

If an emergency has occurred that would be unsafe for students and teachers to remain on site, such as a structural fire or gas leak inside the school, they will be relocated (transported by bus) to a safe building, and the Standard Reunification method (SRM) will be used.

Parents and/or guardians wlll be directed by the school or public officials to their child's specific location via ParentSquare alerts and/or the district website.  Students will be released ONLY to parents and/or guardians who are documented as emergency contacts and who present a valid government issued picture ID. The reunification process can be time consuming so parents are urged to be patient. 

The Standard Reunification method (SRM) was created by the Colorado-based I Love You Guys Foundation, to simplify the district’s process of safely reuniting students with their families.