Warehouse Catalog

How to search Warehouse items in TEAMS using the "FIN - Warehouse Catalog" button

Due to recent changes in the "Purchasing Category" of warehouse items the use of Purchasing Category is not recommended.

However if you insist on its use you will need to start the "Purchasing Category" with "Warehouse - ". The new warehouse categories do not match or even coincide with the normal TEAMS categories. So use the aforementioned category start then look at the list provided there.

  • First Open TEAMS
  • Locate and click FIN - Warehouse Catalog [Shown below]
    FIN screenshot


  • That will get you this:

    FIN screenshot


  • And click Purchasing Catalog. This will open the search window. [Shown below]
    TEAMS screenshot


  • In the Purchasing Item Type [Shown above] field use the dropdown and set it to "Warehouse Items Only"
  • Then in the Description Keywords [Shown above] enter in what is needed, such as "pen" and click search.
    Hint: For best results stay away from plurals. Use "pen" not "pens".
    Less is often more, such as "cray" will find all things "Crayola", including crayons and markers.
    Avoid abbreviations and uncommon words or terms, as this will help keep spelling from being an issue.
    Keep in mind that a common item could be called a "note book", "tablet", or even "pad" and still be the same item to different people, I get many calls like this one.
    TEAMS screenshot


  • Now just locate the item you want
  • This supplies all the information required to order from the Warehouse, including current price.