System for Award Management (SAM)

SAM.GOV Exception Tutorial

Go to

  1. You will need to create a sign in and it will utilize Two-Factor Authentication. You can begin this process by clicking “Sign In”. If you already have a log-in, please make sure you log in before you begin each time (it may log you out often).
  2. After you complete this process and are signed in, click “Home”.
  3. Go to “Select Domain…” and select “Entity Information” from the drop down arrow.
    screenshot of sam dot gov


  4. Search for your vendor using the box to the right and click search.

    screenshot of sam dot gov

    If you do not see your vendor listed, skip to step 9.

  5. Select your vendor by clicking on their name

    screenshot of sam dot gov


  6. Click "Download"

    screenshot of sam dot gov


  7. Click ".pdf" under "Select File Type"
  8. Click "Download" and you are done!
    screenshot of sam dot gov


  9. If your vendor is not listed, right click on the screen.
  10. Select "print"
  11. Select your preferred pdf application as your destination
    screenshot of sam dot gov


  12. Under “Pages”, select “Custom” from the drop-down and type “1-2”.
  13. Click “Save” or “Print” depending on your chosen application. Be sure to include the vendor name in the file and the date of the search. For example,"SAM_Search_ReallyGoodStuff_06-21-2021" then attach this to your requisition.
    screenshot of sam dot gov