Certified Teacher Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions and answers from current certified Teachers:

  1. My certificate is expiring soon or already expired. How do I renew it?
    See directions to renew certificates PDF below.
  2. I want to take an additional exam become certified in another area. How do I do that?
    Register for Exam through ETS
  3. I have passed another content exam. How do I add it to my certificate?
    See directions to add Endorsement to Certification PDF below.
  4. TEAMS does not show my renewal or additional certifications. How do I fix that?
    See directions to Request to Add Certification PDF below.
  5. My name has changed since I was issued my certification. How do I request for TEA to change my name?
    Visit the TEA Website to Update your name.

Not Certified but Want to Teach?

Frequently Asked Questions About Obtaining Certification:

  1. How do I obtain teaching certification in Texas?

    In Texas, there are two routes to certification. The first is to obtain certification while completing your Bachelor’s Degree.
    The second is Alternative Certification. See next question.
  2. What is Alternative Certification?

    Alternative Certification programs are authorized by the State Board for Educator Certification for individuals who hold a college or university degree but no teaching certificate.CFBISD does not endorse a specific program. You should research and choose the best program for your needs. For a list of authorized programs, click here.
  3. Do you hire Alternative Certification Teacher candidates?

    Yes and No:Elementary Candidates:  With the exception of Bilingual Generalist or Special Education candidates, we do not hire Alternative Certification candidates who are seeking to complete an intern year on a probationary certificate. Once an alternative certification candidate finishes a probationary year and obtains a Standard 5-Year certificate, then they are welcomed to apply and be considered and hired for a general elementary classroom teaching position.Secondary Candidates: Yes, we hire Alternative Certification candidates seeking an intern year on a probationary certificate for secondary positions except for Physical Education.
  4. I live in another state and am a fully certified teacher. Can I just “transfer” my certification to Texas?The process for obtaining certification in Texas when you hold current teaching credentials in another state is called Out of State Process. In general, TEA requires you to submit documents and pay a fee for a Review of Credentials.Upon completion of the review, TEA will give you permission to take the appropriate content exam required for certification in Texas. To see the complete process, please visit the TEA website Out of State Teachers Information.

Note to Out of State teachers:

If you are an elementary (K-5) teacher, your out of state review MUST be complete and you MUST have passed the appropriate level content exam before we can offer you employment in CFB.

If you are a secondary (6-12) teacher, your state review MUST be complete and in some cases, you will be required to take the appropriate content exam before we can offer you employment in CFB.

If you have additional questions, you may contact our Certification/Highly Qualified Officer, Paige Acevedo.