5th Grade "Choosing the Best" Program

Choosing the Best is a character building, decision making, abstinence-focused education curriculum for elementary and middle school students mandated by Senate Bill 19.

Abstinence Education:

  • Abstinence education for CFBISD students gives our children the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding risky behaviors.
  • Through decision-making programs such as Choosing the Best, there has been a 13% decrease in teen sexual activity since 1991 across the United States.
  • CFBISD teachers, nurses, and counselors are here to help your child to make informed decisions. Your involvement as parents can make the difference in your child’s future.

5th Grade Program:

There are 6 lessons for students about making appropriate personal decisions. Each lesson follows the health TEKS required by the state. A short video segment accompanies each lesson.

  1. Deciding on Your Future
  2. Figuring Out Friendships and Relationships
  3. Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships
  4. Identifying the Risks
  5. Choosing the Best Way
  6. Learning How to Say NO

This program is the most successful with parental involvement:

  • Students need to be educated about good decision making both at home and at school.
  • Students need open lines of communication with their parents and teachers.
  • Parents are 3 times more influential in a teen’s life than their friends.

Rewards for Informed Decisions:

  • Teens will have the freedom to pursue the dreams of a lifetime.
  • Teens will be free from the concerns of STD’s and teen pregnancy.
  • Teens are encouraged to approach their parents or other adults with questions about appropriate decision making.