District Compensation Plan
Refer to Board Policy DEA and DEAA

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD has a locally designed salary plan for all employees. Employees are paid in accordance with administrative guidelines and an established pay structure.  The district’s pay plans are reviewed by the administration each year and adjusted as needed.  All district positions are classified as exempt or nonexempt according to federal law.  Each position is assigned to a pay range based on the level of responsibility and qualifications required of the job.  Pay ranges establish the minimum and maximum daily rates that will be paid for each job in the District.  Job classifications are determined by the Office of Human Resources.

Teachers new to the District are placed on the Carrollton-Farmers Branch New Hire Salary Schedule according to years of experience.  The District shall pay each classroom teacher or full-time librarian not less than the state minimum monthly salary, based on the employee’s level of experience.  After initial employment, salary increases are determined annually by the Board of Trustees during the budget process and are based upon cost of living increases, competitive pay increases, and local budget projections.  The District salary plan is designed to ensure that employee pay is equitable, competitive, and affordable.  Pay surveys are conducted on a regular basis and salary ranges are adjusted to ensure that pay remains competitive for Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD employees.

Each employee is required to verify their salary, experience, and workdays in September of each year.  Employees can access this information in TEAMS Employee Self Serve located in the CFBISD Staff Portal.  After reviewing the information, employees should submit questions in writing to the principal/supervisor.  Employees may request additional information concerning job classifications and salary ranges from the principal/supervisor.

Annualized Compensation
Refer to Board Policy DEA

The district pays all salaried employees over 12 months regardless of the number of months employed during the school year.  Salaried employees will be paid in equal monthly or semi-monthly payments, beginning with the first pay period of the school year.  An employee who separates from service before the last day of instruction or retires under TRS, will receive in his or her final paycheck, a lump sum payment for wages actually earned from the beginning of the school year to the date of separation.  Employees that separate after the last day of instruction will continue to receive paychecks through the end of their twelve month pay cycle.”