The safety of our students as they travel to and from school on the school bus is a top priority of our Transportation Department. Following the protocols set in place for riding the bus is a critical factor in maintaining a safe traveling environment. Students and staff are not required to wear a mask on the bus. However, the wearing of masks are supported and will be made available to everyone who need one.

Student Bus Riders


  • Hand sanitizer shall be available to all passengers as they board the bus.
  • Current school identification badges must be worn and visible when entering the bus.
  • When loading the bus, students will enter and start at the back of the bus, filling seats to the front.
  • When unloading, students will exit front to back.
  • As students depart from the bus, they will immediately go to their designated area and follow campus protocol.


  • Students will go to their designated area to wait for their bus while maintaining appropriate behavior.
  • Students must wait until the buses come to a complete stop and door open before approaching the bus for their safety
  • When loading the bus, students will start at the back of the bus and fill to the front.


  • If possible, assist at bus stops with child supervision for safety.


  • Assigned staff will supervise student arrival and dismissal to ensure students’ safety and order.
  • During dismissal, teachers will supervise designated pre-loading areas for students waiting for the bus to arrive.

Ventilation On The Buses

The ventilation on the bus will be controlled to reduce the spread of contamination.