Remote Learning

Remote Learning will provide students with the opportunity to log in remotely to engage in daily instruction and learning activities with their teachers. Students will learn through teacher-led instruction and peer collaboration to gain appropriate academic and social-emotional skills.

The high-quality instruction will be led by certified CFBISD teachers and will be scheduled throughout the day with most lessons delivered in real time. Our staff is committed to ensuring open lines of communication with students and parents for a successful learning experience.

The increased level of instruction, workload and time commitment will be the primary differences between the at-home learning offered in the spring of 2020 and Remote Learning for 2020-2021.

If you need assistance, please call the Help Desk at 972-968-4357.

Communication and Engagement

CFBISD values and encourages strong communication between the campus and its school community, as well as the district and its staff. Communication is critical during this time when changes may occur from one day to the next. To ensure that all stakeholders are informed of
decisions and current status we have created a communication process to assist with communication efforts.

Stakeholder Communication Strategy
District to Community ParentSquare, CFBISD Website, social media, emails
District to Principal Emails, daily/weekly updates, virtual meetings
Principal to Teachers Daily or Weekly system to communicate with all staff, emails, virtual meetings
Teachers to Parents Weekly communication system/newsletter, emails, phone calls, virtual meeting, ParentSquare, Parent Self Serve
Teachers to Student Weekly or daily communication, grading alerts, newsletter, emails
Principal to Community Website, marquee, ParentSquare, social media, email communication

Extracurricular Activities for Remote Learning 

Students will have the ability to participate in extracurricular activities per UIL guidelines if they are enrolled in remote learning.

General Overview of CFBISD’s Remote Learning Plan

Frequently Asked Questions, All Levels (PK - 12th)

Frequently Asked Questions, Middle School (6th - 8th)

Frequently Asked Questions, High School (9th - 12th)