Communication Process

Communication Procedures for Reporting Positive COVID-19 case(s)

The Director of Health Coordinator will contact the Chief Communications Officer if positive COVID-19 case(s) are reported.

Communication Process

1. Messaging will be prepared by the Chief
Communications Officer and sent to the
Principal and/or facility Director for

2. The Principal and/or Director will send the approved prepared messaging to staff
and/or parents through a ParentSquare

3. If messaging is needed on social media, the District will post the information via CFBISD accounts. Campus and/or departments should not post COVID-19 information on their social media accounts unless approved by the Chief Communications Officer.

Our primary method of communication will be ParentSquare email. Administrators should remind staff, guardians, and parents to check
their emails frequently for updates.

Due to privacy laws, we cannot share the name of a student and/or staff that tests positive for COVID-19.