Here you will find information to support your access to Canvas, our District's online learning management system. Canvas allows teachers to share learning materials with students, collect assignments online, provide digital feedback on student work, and more. As a parent or guardian, you can access Canvas to support your student's academic experience. 

Who Uses Canvas?

CFBISD teachers in grades K-12 have the option to facilitate their courses using Canvas, and our staff would like to encourage your participation as a stakeholder in ensuring high achievement for each student. Teachers have the freedom to utilize Canvas in a variety of ways.

Communicate with your student's teacher for information about their usage of Canvas.

Parent Access

Parents can also sign up for complete access to Canvas by enrolling as an observer. Instructions on parent enrollment as a Canvas observer can be found here.

Canvas Observer Instructions

En español: Accesar y usar Canvas

Parent Access on Mobile App

Parents can access Canvas notifications, announcements, and calendar events through the mobile app. Instructions for signing up for the mobile app are provided below.

iOS Parent App Instructions

Android Parent App Instruction

Canvas Guides

Canvas provides a huge library of support guides, including step-by-step instructions for parents, students, and teachers, video tutorials, and a community where you can ask questions.

Visit the Canvas Guides

CFBISD Canvas Support

If you have any questions as you explore Canvas, communicate with your student's teacher directly.

Introduction to Canvas for CFBISD for Parents and Students

Introducción a Canvas en CFBISD