Elementary School Marquee Projects


Project: 2020-2021 Elementary School Marquee Projects
At: Fifteen Elementary School Sites
Architect: LPA Architects
Contractor: Jackson Construction
GMP: The project budget is being paid as part of the GMP for the Tier 1 elementary schools. Budget information can be found in the CFBISD Bond Scoping document.
Progress: Complete

Carrollton Marquee New
Central Marquee
Davis Marquee
Farmers Branch Marquee
Furneaux Marquee
Good Marquee
Las Colinas Marquee
LaVillita Marquee
McCoy Marquee
McKamy Marquee
McWhorter Elementary
Rosemeade Marquee
Sheffield Marquee
Stark Marquee
Thompson Marquee
Blalack Marquee
Bush Marquee
Field Marquee
Long Marquee
Perry Marquee
Polk Marquee