Teen Parenting

The School-Age Parenting Program (SAPP) provides services and support for teen-age parents so they can stay in school, develop marketable skills through the Career and Technical Program, and become the best parent possible.  A high school student may stay at their home school or transfer to Mary GrimesEducation Center.  A middle school student will be served at their home school.  Whatever the decision, CFBISD provides all pregnant and school-age parents the following services:

  • Group and individual counseling

  • Information and assistance regarding educational and career choices

  • Referrals for obtaining social services and medical care

  • Home instruction during pregnancy if a doctor requires a period of confinement

  • Home and on-campus instruction for up to 6 weeks after delivery
    When a student receives home instruction, the instructor will contact the student’s teachers, pick up all the student’s school assignments and take them to the student. The instructor will work with the student for approximately four hours per week, usually divided into two meetings. The instructor will also proctor any necessary exams for the student. Week 1 is at the student’s home, week 2 – 6 are at the CLC building.

  • Assistance in securing help with child care if needed
    The student will be required to apply for CCS, a federal program that pays for all or most of the daycare costs for school-age parents.

  • Parenting classes at some schools

  • When possible, bus transportation for the student and baby to and from home, daycare, and school

Before receiving SAPP services, students must have their pregnancy verified at a medical clinic, and bring the “Verification of Pregnancy” form to their school counselor or nurse.

Jo Gillen
Executive Director of CTE

Bridgit Basel

Betsy McKinney

Child Care Assistance

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch school district does not provide child care for our student’s children. We do, however, provide the application for students to apply for child care assistance through Texas WorkForce Solutions. The applications are by county so the student must know the county in which they live.

Once the student has completed the application, has a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, and employment documentation if working, we will submit it to the appropriate county office. WorkForce Solutions will process the application and then contact the student. This can take as long as 2 to 3 weeks so the student must make other arrangements if child care is needed sooner than this. Applications will not be processed if not complete.

You will also hear this organization referred to as CCA, CCS, CCMS, etc. These are acronyms for companies that are subcontracted by WorkForce Solutions.

For more information contact Bridgit Basel