AMAT (Academy of Arts & Media Technology)

Our students are introduced to all strands during their freshman year. Beginning with the sophomore year, students generally take one class in a strand each year. During their senior year, AMAT students complete an internship and senior exhibition class as a capstone experience in the academy. All students who complete requirements graduate with a seal on their diploma and wear academy regalia during their graduation ceremony.

Students completing the program have the opportunity to be certified in Final Cut Pro, the industry standard in video editing used in Hollywood. AMAT alum have had their films featured at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and Dallas International Film Festival and others.

Your student will receive an outstanding education at any of our four high schools in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD. Your student may be eligible and interested in applying to one of our specific academies or high school programs in our district. Students apply to these programs during their 8th-grade year and are selected according to the criteria of grades, attendance records, state assessments, essays and teacher recommendations. Students in all programs participate in field trips and earn dual credit for college.

R. L. Turner High School

Jonathan Rojo
Room B119
Audio/Video Production

Andrew Soriano
Room G101
Commercial Photography/Yearbook

Katheryn Wendling
Room G103
AMAT Director Graphic Design/Animation/Video Game Design

Audio microphone in a studio

Audio & Video Production
Freshmen: Digital Interactive Media
Sophomores: Principles of Art, A/V Tech
Juniors: A/V Production
Seniors: Advanced A/V Production

(ALL Freshmen will take this course their first year in AMAT)

Students will gain a basic knowledge of all AMAT strands. They will work in film, graphic design, photography and journalism.

Principles of Audio / Video Production
Students will continue to expand their knowledge of video recording techniques, audio recording, scripting, and video composition.

Audio/Video Production
Students will continue to expand their knowledge of video composition. Students will work on advanced scripting and advanced editing techniques.

Advanced Audio/Video Production
Student will work towards certification in Premiere Pro. Students will create full-length episodes for a mini series.

Person holding a camera

Commercial Photography
Freshmen: Digital Interactive Media
Sophomores: Commercial Photography
Juniors: Adv. Commercial Photography
Seniors: Yearbook
Students will gain a broad understanding of photography techniques, editing, and careers. Students will study the business side of photography in conjunction with the skills needed for each profession.

Students will work in graphic design, photography or journalism to create a cohesive annual. Students will develop advanced skills in design and work towards a certification in InDesign CC.

Advanced Commercial Photography
Students will work towards a certification in Photoshop CC. Students will create a professional portfolio that clearly shows their ability to take professional photographs, but to also edit photographs on an expert level.

Desk with computer and various working tools for graphic design

Graphic Design
Freshmen: Digital Interactive Media
Sophomores: Graphic Design &
Juniors: Animation
Seniors: Advanced Graphic Design
Students will gain a broad understanding of Graphic Design through design principles, color theory, and composition utilizing Photoshop to display their mastery of each topic. Through each project and experimentation, students will become familiar with Photoshop, it’s tools, and many design techniques.

Students will gain a broad understanding of Animation through animation principles, the application of each principle, and the thought process of giving life to inanimate objects.

Advanced Graphic Design
Students will continue to expand their knowledge of Graphic Design and how it is used in the real-world. Each student will be required to demonstrate all the principles they have previously learned while focusing on best practices to successfully complete the projects.

Students will be working towards certification in Photoshop CC.

Video Game Design