School-Age Parenting Program

Betsy McKinney

Betsy McKinney
Parent Education/School-Age Parenting Program, Home Instructor

Homebound classes will be held at:
School-Age Parenting office
Educational Services Division, Building A, Library
1820 Pearl Street, Carrollton

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 to 11:00

Homebound services will be provided for 1 week in your home followed by 5 weeks in a classroom
Week 1
: Homebound visits must be set up ASAP to maintain good attendance and have a chance to meet in your home before you are required to come to our classroom the next week.
Week 2 – 6: Students will attend two, 2-hour sessions each week in order to get 100% attendance.
4 hours of attendance = 1 week of school.

Advantages include:

  • Atmosphere more conducive to learning and getting assignments completed

  • Prepare to return to school with more work completed

  • Fewer absences while away from school

  • Chrome books available

  • Full two hours of instruction each day to help you complete your work

If you bring your baby, you will need to bring everything the baby will need during your class time

Transportation is available if needed:

  • You must provide your car seat.  The seat will be securely belted to the bus seat
  • The transportation department will let you know what time you will be picked up
  • Transportation follows a strict schedule – if you are not ready, they will leave you!
  • If you do not call when you are not riding the bus, you will be dropped after 2nd missed bus
  • You will be marked absent if you miss the bus and do not make up the missed time

Call Betsy McKinney, as soon as possible after delivery, at 972-968-6583 to set up your home instruction services.