Counseling Services

CFBISD has established a new Counseling Center to meet the social and emotional needs of all students. Services are available to all CFBISD students and their families. Confidential sessions are offered on a short-term basis with a solution-focused approach.


  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals
  • Certified School Counselors


  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling


Tuesday & Thursday evenings
5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 7 p.m.

Center follows district calendar

Additional Resources:

Counseling Connections Center
1820 Pearl Street, ESDC Bldg A
Carrollton, TX 75006

Office: 972.968.6620 
Fax:  972.968.6581 

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension

Jo Gillen Executive Director, CCMR 6583
Michelle Capener Coordinator of School Counseling/AVID 6606
Betsy McKinney Parent Education CEHI 6583
Katie Tilton Counseling/AVID Assistant 6563
Pam Geisinger-Sandy Counseling Specialist 6579
Lyn Torres Coordinator of Mental Health & Behavior Services 6559
Tamara Johnson District Crisis Counselor 6559
Courtney Perkins District Crisis Counselor 6559
Kim Rangel District Crisis Counselor 6559
Chelsea King Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Brittany Burnett Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Yolanda Wilson Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Amy Black Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Johnny Jenkins Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Jacqueline Boyd Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559
Brandy McNutt Positive Behavior Facilitator 6559


Elementary Counselors

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension

Blair Angela Douglas 1003 Pre-K-5th
Blanton Kasi Baudo 1114 Pre-K-5th
Carrollton Allison Payne 1203 Pre-K-5th
Central Brittany Buer 1303 Pre-K-5th
Country Place Robin Kiplinger 1442 K-5th
Davis Neeti Prasad 1503 K-5th
Farmers Branch Brittany Acuna 1603 Pre-K-5th
Freeman Jasmine Taylor 1703 Pre-K-5th
Freeman Erika Welch 1703 Pre-K-5th
Furneaux Stephanie Johnson 1803 Pre-K-5th
Good Dawn Mason 1903 Pre-K-5th
Kent Christy Fox 2019 Pre-K-5th
Landry Julana Parker 2103 K-5th
Las Colinas Dehia Terihay 2203 K-5th
La Villita Veronica Kraatz 6903 1st, 3rd, 5th
La Villita Amanda Vigil 6917 Kinder, 2nd, 4th
McCoy Lashandralyn Harrison 2303 K-5th
McKamy Sandi Johnson 2403 Pre-K-5th
McWhorter Kimberly Hall 2603 Pre-K-5th
Rainwater Jennifer Crisp 2803 K-5th
Riverchase Dana Carroll 2903 Pre-K-5th
Rosemeade Brittney West 3003 Pre-K-5th
Sheffield Elem Liza Gonzales 3114 Kinder-2nd
Sheffield Elem Jean Moore 3126 3rd-5th
Stark Alan Caplin 3303 Pre-K-5th
Strickland Tulia Chong 5703 Pre-K-5th
Thompson Myrna Salinas 3403 Pre-K-5th


Middle School Counselors

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension

Blalack Emily Jackson 3503 A-L
Blalack Tiffany Esparza 3504 M-Z
Bush Veronica Garcia 3703 A-L
Bush Amanda Gallant 3728 M-Z
Field Sari Haskell 3904 A-L
Field Theresa Sulak 3903 M-Z
Long Sommer Flores 4103 A-L
Long Shawne Poplar 4104 M-Z
Perry Charlene Stansberry 4404 A-L
Perry Erin Felker 4403 M-Z
Polk Carol Cheng 4603 A-L
Polk Kenyah Hill 4604 M-Z


High School Counselors

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension

Creekview Tina Iglesias 4827 A-C
Creekview Janine Kay 4825 D-H
Creekview Alejandra Romo 4826 I-NE
Creekview Melanie Gotlieb 4970 NG-SH
Creekview Jennifer Weatherford 4804 SI-Z
Early College Stacy Jones 6250 9th - 12th
Ranchview Wynter Nash 5003 A-K
Ranchview Tracey McLeod 5004 L-Z
Smith Saha Agent-Marrier 5228 A-C
Smith Katina Boutte 5204 D-HI
Smith Sara Watkins 5203 HO-MON
Smith Itiel Sarmiento 5242 MOO-ROS
Turner Ricky Vargas 5427 9th Grade
Turner Ellen Underwood 5428 A-D
Turner Jordan Jackson 6456 E-Le
Turner Suzanne Serris 5426 LI-P
Turner Sarah Sumpter 5404 Q-Z
Turner Kim Rangel 6469 Graduation Coach


Center Counselors

Salazar Dezra Loving 5903 Graduation Coach

All phone numbers are 972.968 + Extension