Records Management

CFBISD is required to make, preserve and safeguard records (regardless of media or characteristics) that document school district functions, policies, procedures and decisions and those that protect the legal and financial rights of the CFBISD. To ensure that records of the district are properly managed, the Records Management Center will assist departments and administrative offices in identifying and standardizing records retention/disposition practices. 

Kristie Keesee
Records Management Officer

The Records Management Center is available to assist you in a variety of ways to ensure the proper storage, retrieval, and destruction of District records. The specific areas in which the Records Management Center can help you are listed below.

  • Records Retention Scheduling
  • Off-Site Records Storage and Retrieval
  • Permanent Records Storage
  • Permanent District Publication Storage
  • Historical Material Storage
  • Research and/or Research Assistant
  • Records Destruction Notification and Recycling
  • Workshops for Records

Since public records are the property of the State, all citizens have a right to their use. The Archives and Records management staff, as curator of these public records, must ensure that records are available to the public to the fullest extent that is consistent with public disclosure laws and with a reasonable regard for their preservation.

What is Records Management?
Records Management is the application of management techniques to the creation, use, maintenance, retention, preservation and disposal of records for the purposes of reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of record keeping. Records Managements designed to provide control over records from the time the records were created to the time of disposition. Since Carrollton-Farmers Branch is a state agency, all records are considered public records and should be maintained and disposed of according to the Texas Local Government Records Act (Title 6, Subtitle C, Local Government Code).

Destroying Records

The purpose of the program is to provide a controlled and systematic method for disposal of the scheduled records in accordance with the district and state requirements and guidelines.

Staff in the Records Center will monitor stored boxes until they are due for disposition. No records will be destroyed unless authorized by the three levels of command that have established by the Records Management Office.

The Records Management Office has scheduled one major destruction time each year in the Spring. However, the Records Management Center is not limited to this time of the year for records destruction.

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